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November,  2015

The conundrum of mobilising global talent
With the growth of expatriate talent set to rise, Colin Cottell looks behind the latest research on the state of play within global mobilityThe number of internationally mobile employees in large international companies is set to grow by (...)
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Not-so-happy returns: Big businesses fail to make the most of employees with foreign experience
COMPANIES devote a lot of thought to sending people abroad. They offer foreign postings to their most promising employees. They sweeten the deal with higher salaries and big allowances, and sometimes help to find work for spouses. But when it comes t (...)
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Comparison of Average Annual Salaries in Korean and Japanese Automobile Industries
To see chart, please click here.Source: (...)
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Learning from Switzerland’s Apprenticeship Model
One of our biggest priorities at the Department of Labor is creating a skills superhighway that enables workers to get good jobs, and businesses to find good workers. A four-year degree is one pathway to the middle class, but it’s not the only path (...)
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Reform to the Mexican Federal Labor Law ("FLL")
On June 12, 2015, a decree that amends several provisions of the FLL regarding "Youth Labor", was published on the Federation's Official Gazette.The aim of this reform, in addition to adapting our legislation to international tr (...)
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International Health Coverage and ACA. What U.S. Expats Need To Know
When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented, many small employer groups discontinued their employee health insurance programs and directed their employees to the exchanges to find care. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the individual (...)
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China: New National Guidelines on Workers Compensation Premiums and the Impact on Payrolls
Employer Action Code: ActThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MoHRSS) has announced new guidelines on premiums that should result in lower payroll costs for workers compensation insurance for employers in low-risk i (...)
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Driving Global Readiness: A Road Map
Are you aware of your organizational blind spots? In this research-based white paper, and Rosetta Stone Business reveal dangerous gaps in language and cultural acumen in global and domestic companies that employees are afraid to talk about wit (...)
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2015 Global Equity Incentives Survey
PwC and the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) are pleased to release the 2015 Global Equity Incentives Survey (GEIS) Executive Summary.Our 2015 Global Equity Incentives Survey (GEIS”) illustrates interesting trend (...)
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Small Businesses Tap Into Global Talent
Improved collaboration technology has allowed even the smallest companies to include employees and contractors that are based overseas.It used to be that only huge corporations had employees working across the globe. But with heightened c (...)
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Millennials value greater flexibility, appreciation, team collaboration and global opportunities
PwC’s NextGen: A global generational studyAre you interested in engaging and empowering millennials in your organization?A few years ago, at PwC we began to wonder why our younger people didn’t seem to be motivated (...)
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Changing Landscape of Connected Vehicle Market to Reach $1.2 Trillion by 2020, With 1.5 Million Professionals -- Candidates for Training
Much of today's workforce does not have the knowledge or skills to make connected vehicles safe from cyber security attacks, threatening to cost companies billions of dollars.To read entire article, (...)
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Entry-level salaries in India among the lowest in the Asia Pacific region
Graduate Indian employees are among the least paid in Asia Pacific, according to the latest Asia-Pacific Starting Salary study by Towers Watson's Data Services. At an average pay of $400, graduate monthly starting salaries in India are particularly l (...)
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Regional Talent Management: Asian Expatriates in Asia
In Asia, the movement of staff intra-regionally is a growing phenomenon, and along with it we now see the rise of the Asian expatriate” – assignees born in Asia, with a keen sense of Asian culture, who relocate both intra-regionally within Asia a (...)
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Is Turnover Mexico’s Formidable Foe?
HMC’s* plant had just ramped up a couple of years ago outside of Silao, Mexico. Top management had been summoned to the US headquarter offices to review financial results. The CFO had been tracking the investment plan related to the new component f (...)
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Mexico places second for expats: survey Cost of living offsets concerns over safety and stability
Friendly people, beautiful beaches and tasty cuisine are among the reasons why expatriates are choosing Mexico as a place to live, ranking it second in a new survey.The Ease of Settling In Index is the result of a survey by InterNations, (...)
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Brazil Offers Both Opportunities and Obstacles for Companies and Their Transferring Employees, According to New Best Practices Report from Cartus
Although it is the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil poses both significant opportunities - and obstacles - for employers and their relocating employees, according to a new report from Cartus Corporation, a leading provider of global relocat (...)
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U.S. Hiring Plans for Q4 2015 Strongest in Eight Years; Global Outlook Uneven
Employers in India, Taiwan, Japan, U.S. and Romania most optimistic globally; Brazil, Italy hiring environment weakest, while China labor market activity slows.U.S. employers predict the strongest hiring plans since the fourth quarter of (...)
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The Changing World of Corporate Business Travel
Yesterday, Michael Cadden and I, had the pleasure of speaking at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) Detroit Chapter meeting.  The topic was Business Travelers and the growing responsibility this group of new expat” are for global mobili (...)
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How China country heads are coping
As multinational companies face stronger headwinds, how are local leaders dealing with the situation, and what would help them move faster?Signs of weaker growth in China during 2015, including its stock market’s tumble, have commanded (...)
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How to Handle Audits by Labor Bureaus in China
In recent months, the number of international businesses in China (especially Beijing) that have been contacted by the local labor bureau for an audit has been markedly rising. These audit processes can come out of the blue and can be intimidating in (...)
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Proposed Revisions to the EU Pension Directive in Progress
Employer Action Code: MonitorThe EU Commission is working toward issuing a revision of its 2003 Occupational Pension Funds Directive (also known as the IORP* Directive), which laid down basic governance requirements for occupationa (...)
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Refugees a 'godsend' for future German growth
Sony Kapoor from the Re-Define economic think tank believes population decline is the single-biggest challenge to German growth. He told DW TV that integrating Syrian refugees makes sense both economically and morally.To watch video, (...)
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U.S.: Do SEC Pay Ratio Disclosure Regulations Matter for Foreign Companies?
Employer Action Code: MonitorOn August 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted 3 – 2 to issue final regulations that will require most companies publicly listed in the U.S. to disclose the ratio between the pay of t (...)
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The Extension of Labor Contracts in China: Legal Responsibilities and Risk Management
Based on China’s Labor Contract Law, there are strict regulations on labor contract extensions. It is important for foreign companies to be aware of the hidden perils behind continued employment without a contract; without following the proper guid (...)
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Polishing the Shine for Asia’s Top Talent
In a previous posting, I queried whether Western MNCs are losing their luster among top talent in Asia. This posting follows up on how employers can meet the challenge of increase competition for talent.Western Multinational Companies (MN (...)
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