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December,  2016

Experts: Lower barriers for foreign auto companies to make domestic firms competitive
China needs to further loosen entry barriers for foreign auto companies amid ever-increasing challenges posed by possible trade protectionism, experts said."Opening up policies would motivate domestic companies to upgrade at the time (...)
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A new relationship – people and cars in China
How Chinese consumers want cars to fit their lives. Driving in the next decade.Conventional automotive industry wisdom warns executives that people are losing interest in cars. However, our analysis of findings from over 16,000 respondent (...)
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Chinese Automakers Go High Tech & Premium Price in Global Push, Rejecting the Japanese Approach
Chinese automakers have no patience for the low-price, incremental growth strategy that worked for the Japanese and Koreans.They want a giant leap.We won’t come out like the Japanese and Koreans did”, a supply chain direct (...)
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Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
The race to build the fully connected car, and ultimately the completely autonomous vehicle, is already under way. Who will cross the finish line successfully, and where exactly that finish line is, remains to be seen. In this report — based on ext (...)
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The Chinese Automotive Industry – Opportunities in Diversity
China is now the largest single market for light duty vehicles, such as cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Speaking at a University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute sponsored conference titled Inside China: Understanding Chi (...)
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China electric car market yet to mature
Govt incentives remain the primary driver of the industry, rather than organic demand or products' competitivenessElectric cars are widely believed to be the future of the automotive industry, but experts say even in the world's largest n (...)
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China rolls out 5-year plan for intelligent manufacturing
China on Wednesday released its five-year plan for intelligent manufacturing in a bid to increase competitiveness in the "factory of the world".China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the blueprint for (...)
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China struggles to steady RMB decline
China is facing an uphill battle to maintain an orderly depreciation of the yuan as investors pile up bearish bets against the currency outside the mainland. The gap between the yuan's value against the dollar in the domestic market and in what is kn (...)
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The Case For Optimism In China's Machinery Market: Premiumization, Services and Local Competitors
Prompted by China's New Normal, the machinery market in China is entering a new phase of development and growth, but perhaps not in the places most international machinery companies are looking.Premiumization and services will play increa (...)
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China challenges US, EU on market economy status
China has launched a legal challenge against the EU and US over their reluctance to treat it as a "market economy" under World Trade Organisation rules, the Financial Times reports.  Beijing is unhappy with a provision that allows trading (...)
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Though Awash in Fakes, China Rethinks Counterfeit Hunters
Ji Wanchang strolled through a Beijing luxury mall one recent morning with an eye out for luxury coats. But at one store, a clerk told him a fur-collared Moncler and other coats were sample sizes” and not for sale.A second clerk, sellin (...)
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European Companies With Chinese Supply-Chains Brace for New Anti-Dumping Framework
A new slate of European rules is likely to discourage Chinese companies from dumping products in the EU.An approaching World Trade Organization deadline makes higher prices likelier for European goods made with parts and materials importe (...)
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China: New work authorization policy on expats
The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) has released the Pilot Implementation Plans for Foreigners' Work Authorization Policy (Plans), which is effective from this October until next March in 10 locations, including Beijing, Shangh (...)
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EU companies in China hit by new exchange rules
Several European companies in China have been unable to remit dividends abroad following the introduction of new exchange controls, the first indication that Chinese attempts to curb capital outflows are causing problems for foreign businesses, the F (...)
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More expats allowed to open "free-trade accounts'
The Shanghai branch of People's Bank of China has said it will allow more foreigners to open "overseas free-trade accounts," a move it said will attract more international talent to innovative companies, Caixin reports. The measure, effecti (...)
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Shanghai FTZ to step up monitoring of capital flows to stabilise the yuan, PBOC says
Shanghai’s free-trade zone (FTZ) will step up its monitoring of cross-border capital flows, as part of efforts to stabilise the yuan’s exchange rate, the People’s Bank of China said on Wednesday.Zhang Xin, head of the Chinese centra (...)
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China to improve manufacturing via innovation
Analysts say China's manufacturing sector still has a few shortages. To solve those problems, innovation could be a key.To watch video report, (...)
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Manufacturing Activity In China Shifts Into Overdrive
A wave of positive economic data suggests the Chinese economy is stabilizing and that business confidence is improving.The country’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI), which measures the health of its manufacturing industry, rose to 51 (...)
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China: SAT’s new rules on advance pricing arrangements reflect its new thinking on tax administration
On 11 October 2016, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) issued the Public Notice on Matters Regarding Refining the Administration of Advance Pricing Arrangements (SAT Public Notice [2016] No. 64, hereinafter referred to as Public Notice 64” (...)
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Three ways executives in China will adapt to new market realities
Ask executives how much they expect China’s GDP will grow over the next three years...And the projections fan across the chart. Ask what they think it will take to compete and a clearer pattern emerges despite the wide uncertainty in th (...)
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Winning the War for Auto Talent in China's "New Normal"
After years of runaway economic expansion, China has settled into a new normal” driven by lower economic growth, higher costs, stricter regulations, and the disruptive pressures of e-commerce. As a result, automotive companies operating there are f (...)
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International Tax Review - China Looking Ahead (6th Ed)
China - Looking Ahead is a series of articles published by the International Tax Review in association with KPMG China. In this edition, our tax specialists examine recent developments in Chinese tax law and administration and explore what the coming (...)
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Standardization and normalization of "Thousand Groups Project": A new stage of tax administration on large business groups
On 2 November 2016, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) issued a Public Notice on Matters relating to Financial Accounting Statements that are submitted together with the CIT Returns Filed by the Thousand Groups and Enterprises within These Gr (...)
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China to build modern international road transport system by 2020
China will build an open, modern and efficient international road system by 2020 to facilitate international transport and strengthen connectivity among countries along the Belt and Road.China will advance transport infrastructure constru (...)
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Survey Finds Most Hong Kong CEOs Under-Utilising Social Media to Grow Businesses
A Hong Kong-focused Comprehensive Report on e-Commerce from CEO and Consumer Perspectives Identifies the Missing Piece” in Deploying Omni-business.A recent survey revealed that despite the fact that social media is a huge part of our li (...)
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China to loosen employment laws in face of slowdown
China is preparing to roll back some job-security protections for workers to keep companies afloat as growth slows, The Wall Street Journal reports. Labor ministry officials have been consulting academics, lawyers and business representatives on ways (...)
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China Poised to Drive Global Adoption of Industrial Automation
China is fast establishing itself as a major purchaser and user of robotic technology to automate more of its manufacturing capacity as its labor force shifts, potentially spurring changes for supply chains in Asia and beyond, according to a new repo (...)
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Key Points on the Reorganization/Establishment of State-owned Capital Investment Companies and State-owned Capital Operating Companies
State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are playing a significant role in Chinese economy. SOEs claimed 75% (83 companies) of the 110 Chinese companies on the list of Fortune Global 500 in 2016. However, SOEs are usually large but not strong, and have been op (...)
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China promises to open FDI rules
China moved towards opening up markets such as railway equipment and vehicle batteries on Wednesday with the publication of draft foreign investment guidelines which it said would "increase openness to the outside world." According to Reute (...)
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China's industrial output expands 6.2% in November
China's industrial output expanded 6.2 percent year on year in November, thanks largely to the electronic equipment and automobile sectors, official data showed Tuesday.The growth rate is 0.1 percentage points higher than October, accordi (...)
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European businesses say quality of life key to Shanghai's future
Raising the quality of life and easing restrictions on visas will be critical to ensuring Shanghai realizes its goal to become a global centre, according to a European Union Chamber of Commerce report.The Chamber released the second editi (...)
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