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March,  2016

Make in India: Leveraging Human Capital
The EY-SIAM HR Study – Make in India: LeveragingHuman Capital captures the insights of CEOs and HR Heads of leading OEMs, auto component manufacturers, service and sales partners. The study focuses on three main themes critical for lev (...)
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Korn Ferry Hay Group 2016 Salary Forecast Shows Wages Rising Globally, Highest Growth in Asia
The Korn Ferry Hay Group 2016 Salary Forecast revealed that workers worldwide will see real wage increases of 2.5 percent, with the highest jump in salaries for Asian workers. The global salary rise is the highest seen in three years. (...)
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Mexico: Replacement of Minimum Wage Linkage in Benefits and Other Nonwage Items Expected
EMPLOYER ACTION CODE: MONITORThe Mexican government is preparing to introduce a new measure that would replace the use of the minimum wage (MW) for certain purposes including:- The pay cap in the seniority premium benefit calc (...)
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Schengen: Europe’s Free-Travel Zone Faces Possible Demise, With Heavy Cost To European Businesses
The European Union reveres the four freedoms” — free movement of people, goods, services and capital — that its existence is intended to guarantee. Now, as thousands of migrants flood into Europe from such war-torn nations as Syria and Iraq, le (...)
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Russia Legal Highlights: How the Ban on Borrowed Manpower Will Affect Businesses
January 1, 2016, will see the so-called law "On Banning Borrowed Manpower" (the Law) come into effect, introducing substantial restrictions on hiring and using leased personnel.What then do "leased personnel" and " (...)
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Process & Outcome of 2015 UAW Auto Negotiations
CAR's Kristin Dziczek spoke at the Detroit Association for Business Economics meeting, held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch.Her presentation, titled: Process & Outcome of 2015 UAW Auto Negotiations, is available (...)
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Global Auto Execs Now Embracing Autonomous And Connected Car Technologies, KPMG Study
BMW, Toyota and Ford seen as leaders in autonomous innovation.Automakers feel pressure to keep pace with new innovation clockspeeds.After years of skepticism among traditional automakers, the importance of self-driving and con (...)
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Supply Chain News: Chinese Manufacturers Struggle with US Operations, as Culture Clashes often Ensue
While Japanese Lean Translated Well, Top-Down, Low Cost Labor Mindset of Chinese Firms does Not, Well-Known Writer SaysIt's still relatively small in absolute terms, but the level of investment by Chinese companies in new or existing US m (...)
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Enforcement of Third Party Contract Rights in Hong Kong
The long awaited Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (the "Ordinance") came into force on 1 January 2016, nearly 12 years after the initial consultation paper in May 2004. This Ordinance reforms the previous contractual regime cha (...)
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China: Real estate prices continue to pick up
New home prices in China continued their upward momentum in December, although the recovery remains uneven across the country, even within first-tier cities.Month-on-month increases were recorded in 39 of the 70 cities measured, up from 3 (...)
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Working as Expatriate Businessman in Korea
One of the most effective ways of working as an expat in Korea is to regularly practice "management by walking around." The last thing you should do is stay holed up in your office with a bilingual secretary or whoever is acting as your fil (...)
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China Air Quality Pulse Survey Results
We recently conducted a brief survey to learn how our clients are addressing the air quality concerns in China for their assignees and local employees.To download 6-page Executive Summary, (...)
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How to reduce corruption in your China factory
How do your stamp out corruption in your purchasing department?You can't! But you can take steps to reduce it until it's insignificant.5 STEPS TO REDUCING CORRUPTION IN A CHINA FACILITYI'm often asked how to handle (...)
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Hong Kong proposes changes to law on employee reinstatement claims
Hong Kong proposes to amend the Employment Ordinance by removing the pre-requisite requirement for an employer to agree to an order reinstating or re-engaging an employee who has been dismissed without any valid reason in contravention of the law.   (...)
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Is Turnover a Problem in Mexico?
HMC’s* plant had just ramped up a couple of years ago outside of Silao, Mexico. Top management had been summoned to the US headquarter offices to review financial results. The CFO had been tracking the investment plan related to the new component f (...)
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Brazil: Business Ethics And The Impact Of The Anticorruption Law
By now Brazilian companies have probably heard of law No.12.846/13, popularly known as the Anti Corruption Law, which is leading to profound structural changes in companies operating in the country.In essence, this means that your company (...)
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Mexico: Ciudad Juarez Violence at lowest levels since 2007
After several turbulent years at the beginning of the decade, Ciudad Juarez violence is trending downward.A Mexican think tank, the non-profit Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, recently removed Mexico’s large (...)
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Employee pensions in India
FICCI and KPMG in India collaborated to prepare a knowledge paper on the current practices and challenges of employer related pensions in India. The knowledge paper, titled ‘Employee Pensions in India – Current practices, Challenges and Prospects (...)
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One of Singapore's most prominent job experts revealed why Asia's workforce is at a crossroads
Asia is experiencing an "immense war for talent."That's according to the Human Capital Leadership Institute's CEO, Wong Su-Yen, who is one of the most prominent employment experts in Singapore.Cheap labour costs and (...)
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India: Minimum Bonus and Eligibility Ceiling to Double Under Payment of Bonus Act
Employer Action Code: ACTUpdate: The Upper House of the Indian Parliament approved the amendments to the Payment of Bonus Act of 1965 on December 22, 2015. In an amendment to the original proposal, bonus arrears will be paid retros (...)
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South Korea: Non-resident foreign employees on assignment
Starting 1 July, non-resident foreign employees on assignment to work for large South Korean companies will become subject to tax withholding on their South Korean income at the same rate as resident foreign employees, 17%. These employees were previ (...)
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Thailand: New Work Permit Policy for ASEAN Workers
In this GMS Flash Alert we discuss recent changes from the Thai immigration authorities dealing with relaxed work permit rules for workers from ASEAN member countries and ban periods for foreigners who have over-stayed in Thailand.In this (...)
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Brazil's Repatriation Law introduces tax and currency exchange voluntary disclosure and amnesty program – top points
Brazil has passed Law No. 13,254, the Repatriation Law,  introducing a tax and currency exchange voluntary disclosure and amnesty program (locally known by the acronym RERCT) to stimulate the voluntary disclosure of assets, tangible and intangible, (...)
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Latin America’s most competitive workforces
Latin Trade Group’s Latin Labor Index 2015 measures Latin America’s most competitive workforces in 18 economies in the region.Chile (1sth in the Index) remains the region’s benchmark country in terms of labor owing to a very flexibl (...)
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China's Aging Population
A Challenge and an Opportunity for the Region's Consumer Corporates.The China growth story has been retold countless times over the past thirty years as the engine of development. However, this young and vibrant economy is now ageing, and (...)
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British expats could be banned from claiming tax credits for four years after they return under rule change designed to stop migrants getting benefits
British expats could be banned from claiming tax credits for four years, as David Cameron tries to convince Eastern European countries to accept his EU deal. The Prime Minister is considering whether to apply a four-year tax credits ban t (...)
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Technology and talent: Key takeaways from PwC’s CEO Survey
Technology and talent. Two themes we’ve discussed at length in the last year, and with great cause. PwC recently released findings from its 2016 CEO Survey and guess what continues to be on the minds of the more than 1,400 company leaders from 83 c (...)
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U.S.: Closing the Nation's Skills Gap
In an era in which education and training have never been more important for economic prosperity and success, the U.S. has fallen behind many other nations in educational attainment and achievement. Within the U.S., there is growing evidence of a ski (...)
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U.S.: Notice of Future Termination Does Not Constitute Immediate Employment Loss Under the WARN ACT
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit recently clarified that when an employer provides notice to a group of workers that their employment will be terminated in the future, they do not suffer an immediate employment loss for the purposes of (...)
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Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization begins March 15
Starting March 15, visa-exempt foreign travelers who fly to or through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). U.S. citizens and foreign travelers with valid visas will not need eTAs.BCD Travel is notifying customers’ (...)
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How to have your Social Security deposits made directly to your Mexican bank account
Once again, our good friend Steven M. Fry from Yucalandia comes up with a really interesting article that delves into the details of the good systems worked out by the U.S. Social Security Administration and Mexican banks, truly useful for Americans (...)
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The ugly face of FATCA: Why life for American expats is getting harder
The Foreign Account Compliance Act (FACTA), while designed to minimize tax cheats”, is making banking — and life in general — painfully difficult for millions of American expats, according to Mike Michelini, a Hong Kong-based business consultan (...)
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Brazil Increases Minimum Wage 12%
Brazilians whose pay and pensions are linked to the minimum wage will see their incomes go up 11.6 percent starting Jan. 1, the government said Tuesday.The raise, enacted via an executive order signed by President Dilma Rousseff, will tak (...)
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Brazilian Labor Rights
Below are the rights that the employee receives from the company:- Working Hours, Holidays and Vacation – The normal working hours in industry are eight hours per day and forty-four hours per week. Employees are eligible for one day off (...)
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China Adopts Two-Child Policy: Key Implications for Employers
On 27 December 2015, Chinese lawmakers passed the Population and Birth Planning Amendment Law ("Amendment"). The Amendment, which is effective from 1 January 2016, ended the three-decade-old one-child policy and allowed married Chinese coup (...)
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U.S.: How to Fire an Employee the Legal Way: 6 Termination Guidelines
Learn the proper procedures to exercise your right to fire at will, lay the groundwork with progressive discipline, avoid wrongful termination lawsuits, and conduct termination meetings.These days, it’s much harder to get rid of a probl (...)
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