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June,  2016

What Is the Cost of Dismissing Employees in Japan?
Many foreign companies don’t properly understand how hard it actually is to unilaterally terminate employment in Japan. In fact, they often try to dismiss employees based on norms of their home countries and without careful consideration of the loc (...)
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Report: China Labor Costs Only 4 Percent Below US
A recent report estimates that China's effective labor costs are only slightly below those of the U.S.The analysis by U.K. consulting firm Oxford Economics said that rising wages in China and increasing productivity among U.S. workers led (...)
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A Foreigner With No Friends: Bo Andersson Pushed From Russia's AvtoVAZ
During his two-year stint as head of AvtoVAZ, Russia's largest automaker, Bo Andersson was at the car factory day and night. He was known for starting his workdays at 6:30 a.m. A former Swedish army Special Forces major and former General Motors seni (...)
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EU Decision on Suspending US Visa Waiver Set for July 12
Discussions are underway in the European Union whether to implement a one-year suspension of its visa waiver agreement with the United States and Canada.  The action would require all travelers from these nations, as well as Brunei, to obtain a visa (...)
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Role of Talent in Site Selection for Automotive Manufacturers
One of the leading challenges facing many manufacturers in the U.S. automotive industry is the attraction and retention of talent. At the same time, many U.S. states (particularly in the South and Southeast) are throwing attractive incentive packages (...)
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How U.S. Employee Benefits Compare To Europe's
Unsurprisingly, Americans aren't the beneficiaries of generous paid leave, vacation, or unemployment policies.The U.S. isn’t very competitive with other countries when it comes to taking care of its workers, according to a new report fr (...)
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Workers in Mexico's border factories say they can barely survive, so they're turning to unions
They make everything from puppy chew-toys to Dell computers to giant wind turbines, but when they try to form a union, they face big trouble.For half a century, multinational companies have flocked to Ciudad Juárez in search of cheap lab (...)
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Expats: Healthcare in Brazil
Healthcare in Brazil is available at both public and private institutions. Permanent residents are able to get access to free public healthcare at any of the government hospitals.Healthcare facilities and doctors in Brazil (...)
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Global Recruiting Trends 2016
Get to know the top trends fueling talent acquisition today.As a talent acquisition leader, you’re always looking for new ways to empower your teams to work more efficiently and be more successful. One way to do this is by staying ahead (...)
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Further Guidance on Criminal Graft and Bribery Released by Chinese Judicial Authorities
On April 18, 2016, two Chinese judicial authorities released an interpretation that provides further guidance on how criminal cases related to graft and bribery are handled in China effective immediately. The Supreme People’s Court and Supreme Peop (...)
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India's base salaries the lowest in Asia Pacific
Annual base salaries in India are the lowest in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, according to research by global advisory, broking and solutions company, Willis Towers Watson. China's base salaries across all job grades are between 64% and 100% higher (...)
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Talent in China: Find it, grow it, keep it
What do multinational companies operating in China look for when hiring top executives, and how do they develop those executives’ leadership expertise? Eric Dieny of DHR International and Jennifer Lawrence of Cambridge Corporate Training recently p (...)
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Handling Mass Layoffs in China’s Manufacturing Sector
As China’s annual growth begins to slow, mass layoffs may be unavoidable for many American manufacturers as they are faced with declining demand and rising business costs. It is important for these companies to understand the complicated conditions (...)
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Working time developments in the 21st century: Work duration and its regulation in the EU
To download 102-page report, please click here.Publication synopsis This report examines the main trends and milestones ch (...)
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Germany: Update on amendments to German labor leasing laws: Coalition agreement
OverviewAccording to Federal Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD), the coalition have now made a breakthrough on proposals to amend the German labor leasing laws.ContentsAccording to Federal Minister Andrea N (...)
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Every 5th expat in Russia (those who are left) are looking for a new job…
Finally its out. After a lot of sweat and hard work our job market overview 2016 is out. More than 5500 of your contributed.  We presented it to a very selected crowd of HR experts yesterday.  If you are interested what is happening on the HR marke (...)
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New Labor Regulations Are Negatively Changing Modern Manufacturing
Administration Unveils New Overtime Regulation that Removes Path to Middle Class.National Association of Manufacturers Vice President of Labor, Legal and Regulatory Policy Rosario Palmieri issued the following statement after the Departme (...)
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Mexico: Company duties vis-à-vis the National Immigration Institute
Companies with foreign employees.As every year, Immigration authorities continue carrying out inspections of the immigration status at companies, without prior notice. In these inspections, the following points are reviewed: (...)
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Here's How The New (U.S.) Overtime Law Will Affect You
A new law dramatically expands overtime protection. Here's how it will affect millions of Americans.A new overtime rule is about to greatly impact the American middle class.The Department of Labor (DOL) has announced an update (...)
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U.S. DOJ’s Fraud Section Issues Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement Plan and Guidance
On April 5, 2016, the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section (DOJ”) issued its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA”) Enforcement Plan and Guidance (Guidance”), which announced (1) a more than doubling of DOJ resources allocated to FCPA enforce (...)
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US: Help wanted: The talent challenge
The manufacturing industry in the United States and other industrialized countries is facing an increasingly worrisome issue: A shortage of top talent. Competition is heating up as a result of too few skilled graduates, retiring Baby Boomers, and inc (...)
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Op-ed: Training and engaging young talent in China can be transformative for businesses
The Global Leadership Forecast – the largest study of its kind – recently found that only 19% of Chinese leaders reported they were 'very prepared' to create an optimal workplace where employees deliver their very best.Furthermore, th (...)
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Robots Threatening the Asia Labor Market
The rapid rise of robots in manufacturing has seen 60,000 workers lose their jobs at a single Foxconn site in China.Foxconn Technology Group, an Apple component supplier, is reported to have laid off more than half of its factory workers, (...)
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Shenzhen Says It Plans to Spend Billions to Attract Talent
Southern city goes so far as to say it'll pay top scientists and researchers 6 million yuan as soon as they get to town.Shenzhen's government has doubled this year's budget for programs related to attracting talented people to the city to (...)
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Chinese companies widen search for foreign talent
Chinese employers with a shortage of highly skilled workers have opened their doors wider to foreign talent.The trend is being spurred by a new government manpower policy that encourages companies to hire directly from the international m (...)
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The Conveyor Belt of Talent in Japan
Japan is a nation at war. But there are no signs of DPRK missiles flying overhead. It’s a different, more insidious kind of war called the Global War for Talent, and it begins on the university campus.QS, a publisher of university ranki (...)
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New National Living Wage greeted with cautious optimism by UK businesses
London law firm Bircham Dyson Bell has published the results of its research into the views of UK entrepreneurs on the impact the National Living Wage will have on business.From 1 April 2016, the National Living Wage will come into force (...)
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Renting a car in Europe
Everything you need to know about finding, booking and driving a car rental in Europe.To download 11-page report, please clic (...)
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Five numbers that explain the union fight in France
France has seen an endless parade of strikes and demonstrations recently. Here are five numbers that explain why it's so hard for the country to agree on a (modest) reform of the labor market. Max Hofmann reports.3,511,100That (...)
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Could a Lack of Skilled Labor Slow the Reshoring Wave for U.S. Manufacturers?
U.S. manufacturing is on the rebound, having added more than 730,000 jobs since the end of 2010. And industry analysts expect the sector to create at least another 700,000 jobs by the end of the decade, according to the Manufacturing Institute. (...)
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Multinationals Look to Costa Rica for HighTech Talent
Costa Rica is more that just volcanoes and beaches, there is a business sector that many multinationals are trying to tap.Costa Rica’s pura vida”, or relaxed culture, and tourism appeal are no longer the main reasons for its success i (...)
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Manufacturing jobs in Asia have hit their lowest point since 2009
Manufacturing is a dangerous place to have a job at the moment.Employees in Asia are being squeezed from two sides.Firstly, China is trying to move itself away from being the world's factory towards a services and consumption- (...)
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