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Click to watch Margery Marshall - Global Mobility Strategies
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February,  2005

The different management skill-sets in Germany, the U.S., and Asia
People often ask if regional influences are behind the differences in management skill-sets that can be observed in Germany, the US, and Asia. Based on our international experience in Management Appraisals and backed-up by reports fr (...)
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HR in India - country report
India is second only to China when it comes to a growing economy and size of its potential workforce. Yet the two countries are as diverse as their cultures when it comes to the HR issues and challenges being faced.When studying human cap (...)
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Leadership and talent in Asia
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Six steps to honing HR Policy for EU newcomers
The newest entrants into the European Union offer multinational companies ample opportunity for growth. But, Jack Keogh says, HR professionals first must be aware of how business is conducted in these countries and prepare their assignees accordingly (...)
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6 Tips for maximizing success with people strategies in the Central & East European region:
Hire a mix of motivated, high-potential locals. As a rule, younger workers are more educated, eager, and less affected by the wary, ex-Communist mentality. But older workers, while more reticent to sell themselves” as candidat (...)
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Japan: Confidence in economy leads to increased demand, higher wages
Japanese companies appear to be spending and hiring more amid growing confidence in the nation's economy. As a result, human resources departments and recruiting firms are reporting an increase in demand for experienced and qualified workers in a var (...)
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Japan: Immigration control plan calls for hiring more foreigners
Facing an aging workforce and declining birthrate, Japan is considering new immigration policies that would make it easier for expatriates to work and live in the country. In addition to accepting more foreign workers in specializ (...)
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Relocating to China: Meeting the challenges head on
Patience, persistence, flexibility, a sense of humor and an open mind are things all expatriates should bring with them to a new culture. And China is no exception. Expatriates should remain open to the fact that the process of adapt (...)
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Free coaching assessment for global executives
Sixty-five percent of the world's 1,000 largest international companies know how to get the best from their top management - executive coaching. Find out how much more effective you can be as a manager and leader in your company through a (...)
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Shanghai hunts for overseas staff
Shanghai will step up efforts to attract quality professionals from abroad as part of a new human resource plan for this year. "Shanghai is striving to shape itself into a world-class cosmopolis, and for thi (...)
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