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June,  2005

Workaholism in Asia
Although workaholism may be the subject of much mirth and humour - in reality, it is not a joke. This is because it affects the efficiency and productivity of the companies in which the workaholics are found. Contrary to most expecta (...)
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MG Rover becomes the first client for the Pension Protection Fund
The Pension Protection Fund became operational on 6 April, just in time to receive an application from the insolvent car manufacturer. Chris Newlands looks at how the scheme will operate and who will benefit from it. (...)
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Brazil: Benefit Survey 2004
The purpose of the survey is to identify the main trends in employee benefits offered in Brazil and to provide the participating companies with information to help them manage increasingly efficient benefit packages. (...)
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Making yourself at home in the United States
The United States, isolated from most of the world by two oceans, nevertheless is a leading destination for expatriates. Many would say that this historical and geographical insulation has led to a disparity between U.S. customs, (...)
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Protect company trade secrets from in-house thieves
When most people hear the term trade secret” they automatically think about something major like the formula for Coca-Cola; they don't realize that trade secret theft can impact businesses of all sizes. When em (...)
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Strategic management in a flat world: The imperative of best practices
Shanghai - Why is strategic management so much more important and challenging today? Answer: Because now we are operating in a flat world. New York Times' Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Thomas Friedman, clearly explains ten reasons why business ch (...)
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India: Fringe benefit tax ("FBT") proposed
The recent budget announcement included a proposal to introduce an FBT on the value of fringe benefits provided or deemed to have been provided by an employer to his employees. Provisions introducing FBT have been included in the Finance Bill. It is (...)
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Relocating to Latin America
For some, Latin America is the backyard to the United States; for others, it is referred to as the forgotten territory”; and for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, it is a land of opportunity and discovery. Latin Ameri (...)
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Ten Reasons to Provide Language Training
1. Establish credibility with management and colleagues at the international assignment location. 2. Build relationships in a foreign culture—for the international assignee, spouse and family. (...)
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Learn the Chinese language to strengthen China relationships
Capitalizing on global opportunities in the auto industry means having to communicate effectively with industry professionals and customers from many different cultures and languages. The surest way to gain clear understanding and build meaningful re (...)
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Relocating to China: Meeting the challenges head on
Patience, persistence, flexibility, a sense of humor and an open mind are things all expatriates should bring with them to a new culture. And China is no exception. Expatriates should remain open to the fact that the process of adapt (...)
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Many Expatriates, Many Voices: A Look Beyond the Assignees
It is not a secret that employees are but only one factor in the decision to take an assignment—it affects the entire family. But who should assume the responsibility to help ensure that employees are consulting their spouses/p (...)
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