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May,  2007

HR Challenges During M&A Transactions in Asia Pacific
Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in Asia Pacific has increased dramatically in recent years. In 1998, Asian M&A transactions accounted for only eight percent of worldwide deals, however today that figure is closer to 25 percent. Durin (...)
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The narrowing European pay gap
The pay gap between Europe's richest and poorest countries has fallen significantly over the last six years. According to FedEE's latest Pay in Europe report, the gross median hourly earnings of employees in Denmark were 65 times (65x) higher than (...)
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Year of the Carrot: Incentives in China
Before the end of the year, Allay Li will implement a 360-degree recognition program at the Shanghai office of Eaton, a Cleveland–based automotive parts manufacturer. The program will allow peers, subordinates and managers all to award each othe (...)
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Pay at Japanese-Owned U.S. Plants Is Said To Approach That of UAW Shops
Pay at Japanese-owned non-union plants in the U.S. is beginning to approach that of UAW-organized units owned by the Detroit Three, even as the American makers, deep in the hole, are preparing to ask their workers for more givebacks, the Detroit F (...)
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Synergy or Misery?
Multi-cultural coaching initiative enhances the success rate of global integration efforts.As the business world continues to globalize, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to establish foreign subsidi (...)
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Asia Continues to Battle Rising Attrition Rates
External Inequity of Compensation Cited as Primary Reason for Changing Company, According to Hewitt Study.Employee turnover is at an all-time high in Asia, according to a new study from Hewitt Associates, a global human resources services c (...)
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The Alternatives—Changing International Assignment Terms in the Asia-Pacific Region
Are you up to date on your localization lingo? A variety of new terms have appeared on the international assignment scene, including local terms,” local plus,” lopat terms,” and hybrid terms.” Woodhams sorts through some of these confusing (...)
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Finding senior executives in Asia
Recent years have seen Australian organisations return to Asia in a major way. Whilst Australia’s trade relationships with Japan and China has always remained strong, there is a clear sense of broadening across the region in the form of investme (...)
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HR management in India can shake it up for talent-starved companies
With Indian companies aspiring to become global players, experts feel management of human resources will be the critical factor for success. At a time when India Inc supposedly faces a scarcity of talent, management experts feel the real source of (...)
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Outsourcing Hotspot Cools as Wages Rise in Poland
Western European companies have outsourced jobs to Poland in recent years.A few years ago, Poland was a favorite destination for European manufacturers looking to cut costs. But with wages rising and a shortage of skilled workers, it might (...)
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Central Europe car makers face labor shortage
As Europe's car manufacturing has shifted from west to east in the past decade, Slovakia has earned a reputation as a Detroit in the heart of Europe.Volkswagen, Peugeot and Kia either have plants here or are setting up production, taking ad (...)
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New EU working time rules
Statutory working time changes for road transport workers come into force across the European Union today (Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006). Daily working time limits of nine hours (extendable to 10 hours twice a week) remain, but drivers of h (...)
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European Union—The Free Movement of Central European Workers
Western European employers have been gazing at Central Europe as a possible labor oasis since the fall of the Soviet Union—with the ascension of 10 central European states into the European Union in the last few years, the potential has only inc (...)
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On shaky ground: Pension risk of greater concern in Europe
Fifty-six percent of large global companies believe their pension plan represents at least a "moderate" financial risk to their organization, while another 16% say it poses a "great" risk, according to a new global study of 312 (...)
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Dissatisfaction With Pay, Benefits Widespread in China
Chinese workers are far less satisfied with their pay and benefit packages than workers in the rest of Asia-Pacific and in the United States, according to a survey by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting firm. This could pose challe (...)
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China's Onerous New Labor Law
China's new Labor Contract Law (LCL), anticipated to be released in May, aims to protect employees and help maintain good relationships between employers and workers. But preliminary versions of the law have caused controversy, with some as (...)
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New rule on foreigners buying houses
Foreigners who intend to buy a house in Beijing need a certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prove that they have stayed in China for at least one year for reasons of work or study, according to a new rule published (...)
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China: How to deal with the future labor shortage
The current labor shortage spreading from the coastal areas across the country signifies the coming of the Lewisian Turning Point in China's economic development. China's oversupply of labor is on its way to becoming a thing of the past.Mos (...)
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In China's Offices, Foreign Colleagues Might Get an Earful
I was riding the elevator a few weeks ago with a Chinese colleague here in the Journal's Asian headquarters. I smiled and said, "Hi." She responded, "You've gained weight."I might have been appalled, but at least three o (...)
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Health care costs show little sign of decline
Employers do not expect a decline in the rate of health benefit cost increases any time soon, and they are investing in on-site clinics, call-in medical help lines and employee health appraisals in efforts to control costs. A Watson Wyatt W (...)
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Immigration and the Looming U.S. Demographic Crisis
Immigration has long been one of the most contentious issues in U.S. politics. However, it is now clashing head-on with another high-voltage issue: the impending retirement of America's millions of baby boomers. Ron Scheman explores the implicatio (...)
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America's Most Admired Companies Favor Internal CEO Candidates
Hay Group Research Identifies Big Gaps Between Admired Companies and Peers.Hiring a new CEO from outside the company may be a dramatic gesture, but it’s not the way that more than three-quarters of America's Most Admired Companies (MACs) (...)
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Executive compensation: overseas pressure promotes U.S. pay reform
U.S. CEOs are now coming under fire over compensation from foreign investors, reports Tony Jackson in the Financial Times. Major overseas pension funds like Hermes, ABP and the Association of British Insurers are all pressuring for changes to CEO (...)
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Motor vehicle suppliers account for 4.5 million jobs (in U.S.), according to study
A new study released by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) and sponsored by the Motor & Equipment Suppliers Association (MEMA) underscores the importance of motor vehicle supplier jobs to the United States economy. Motor vehicle s (...)
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