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July,  2007

The War for Talent in China and India
Due in large to the impact of globalization, China and India have transformed into veritable economic superpowers in recent years, and it's estimated that by 2050 they will house the world's first and third largest economies respectively. But how (...)
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EUROPE: Assembling a future
Slovakia's low wages, tax breaks are likely to bring yet more companies to join VW and others amid a bustling economy - Houston Chronicle reports.When the president of Bosnia and Herzogovina toured the Volkswagen Slovakia plant in late May, (...)
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Enabling Human Performance in China
Systemic human resources management challenges remain in China. High-performance businesses that rise to meet them will be well placed to secure and retain the best talent. Businesses in China face particular diffi (...)
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EUROPE: M&A that deliver value...capitalising on the human factor
With European Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity at its highest level in years, the latest research from Hewitt shows that more and more companies are managing the human capital risks effectively.This is making an impact at every sta (...)
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USA: U.S. CEOs shy away from overseas growth
The world may still look to America for corporate leadership, but the signs are that U.S. CEOs are becoming more isolationist in their outlook – happy to offshore operations to other countries but less interested in chasing growth outside North (...)
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INDIA: The economy is booming, but where are all the leaders?
Indian firms are just beginning to realize the importance of creating the next generation of leaders, say expertsThe Indian economy may be booming, but the country’s companies still don’t have enough leaders, say human resources (HR) co (...)
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CHINA: New Labor and Union Rules
In an effort to address unrest among the labor force and to create a more harmonious” society, China has proposed new labor and union legislation. Lauffs and Isaacs offer detailed information for human resource professionals tasked with managing (...)
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EUROPE: Fraud Risk: The Human Element
Fraud remains an underestimated risk. The consequences of fraud, bribery and corruption can be devastating to a company, its top executives and other stakeholders.This report into fraud risk mitigation examines the survey responses of emplo (...)
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USA: Nearly half of CEOs tapping overseas talent
Nearly half of CEOs tapping overseas talent; cite increased difficulty finding, hiring and retaining employees.Citing exceptional employees as the key to their success, fast-growth CEOs admit that finding, hiring a (...)
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INDIA: Further Substantial Salary Increases in 2007
India Reports Average Salary Increase of 14.4% in 2006.NEW DELHI–Employees in India received an average salary increase of between 11.9% and 16% in 2006, on par with last year’s increases, according to the 11th (...)
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CHINA: PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law
33-Page report by KPMG.Pursuant to the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the PRC (the EIT Law), resident and non-resident enterprises deriving income from the PRC are subject to Enterprise Income Tax (EIT).  The EIT La (...)
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Minimum wage increased in 11 European countries
Eleven countries have increased their minimum wage, effective in 2007: Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey.Details for each country are the following: (...)
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Multi-cultural coaching initiative enhances the success rate of global integration efforts
Synergy or Misery?Multi-cultural coaching initiative enhances the success rate of global integration efforts.As the business world continues to globalize, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to establish (...)
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CHINA: Employment contracts must be registered
Employees must register contracts that are above county level with the Chinese labor and social security departments, and employers must register all employment contracts with local authorities, effective January 2007.Provisions (...)
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EUROPE: Low Labour Costs Significant in Making Eastern Europe the Global Hub for Electronics Manufacturing Services
With the electronics manufacturing sector in eastern Europe witnessing tremendous growth in the past decade, the region is emerging as a new global hub for the electronics manufacturing industry. Regional factors such as reduced labour costs, incr (...)
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INDIA: India's largest computer-services provider plans to hire 5,000 workers in Mexico
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India's largest computer-services provider, plans to hire 5,000 workers in Mexico in the next five years as labour costs climb in its home market because of a rising rupee. Last week, Tata Consultancy opened a (...)
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ASIA: Taiwan wooing Japanese talent
MOVING ON: Japan's brain drain is Taiwan's gain, as thousands of top Japanese engineers pack their bags and move abroad amid downsizing at Japanese firms. One of the hottest exports from Japan these days is not video games or eco-friendly c (...)
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ASIA: Korean CEOs the Highest Paid in Asia Pacific
Chief executive officers (CEOs) of Korean businesses are the most handsomely paid in the Asia-Pacific region, a survey shows. According to a report by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, the average total compensation for CEOs of Korean busin (...)
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EUROPE: Average Wage in Russia Tops $500/Month
The average gross monthly wage in Russia in June was 13,810 rubles, that is, more than $500, according to Rosstat, the federal statistics service. The average for the second quarter was 13,040 rubles, the first time that the average monthly wage i (...)
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CANADA: On the job perqs are sought by majority of employees
Only 20% of Canadian employees enjoy corporate wellness programs that include such perks as fitness and nutritional coaching, gym memberships and opportunities for professional growth, according to a new poll.Almost 70% of 2,857 Canadians w (...)
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USA: Accent Reduction Seminars Help Break Barriers
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the ability to effectively communicate is the top skill sought by employers. It is even higher than computer skills or a strong work ethic. As a global corporation with operat (...)
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