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February,  2017

After expat exes fail, global automakers searching for Indians to lead their India operations
As many as five global carmakers have named or are in the process of naming Indians or Indian origin executives to lead their show in India, an indication of their increasing reliance on the more rooted local talent.You need an Indian in (...)
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Europe Top 20: motor vehicles produced per worker by country
2.3 million Europeans are directly employed by the EU automotive industry in the manufacturing process. On average, each worker produces 7.11 vehicles per year.To see interactive chart, (...)
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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017
This survey summarises the opinions of global automotive executives and consumers on key automotive trends and opportunities.KPMG’s 18th annual automotive survey summarises the opinions of global automotive executives – including 88 f (...)
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The move to assemble vehicles in Mexico is about more than low wages
Total per Vehicle Cost Advantages of Producing a Vehicle in Mexico for U.S. or European Markets.Mexican automotive production has been a topic of recent debate. Since 2009, automakers—including BMW, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Mazda, Nissan, To (...)
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Facing the storm: Navigating the global skills crisis
Weathering the skills storm.As regions worldwide experience economic, social and political disruption, public uncertainty has risen dramatically. Fueled by continued technological advances, traditional industry value chains and business m (...)
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The emerging model shift in global talent mobility
Today’s businesses have more mobility, more challenges, and more choices than ever before.In order to develop people and compete for top talent, today’s employers must strive for a more seamless and gratifying mobility experience. Bui (...)
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How to Hire Employees in Mexico, a Quick Glance at Labor Contracts
When navigating the complexities of a new legal system it is vital to maintain focus on certain principles as to avoid law suits and more importantly, to avoid wasting time, resources and energy in unproductive hiring strategies.When unde (...)
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Guide to Going Global - Employment 2016
To download 308-page Guide, please click here.Source: DLA Piper (...)
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Will EU nationals be allowed to stay in UK after Brexit?
Proposed amendment to Article 50 offers guarantee of rights for Europeans already in country.Uncertainty continues to cloud the fate of the 3.3 million EU nationals currently residing in the UK, after MPs last night voted to trigger Artic (...)
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Expats highly rate health care in Mexico and Central America
The quality of healthcare is of the most critical things people should consider before moving abroad, especially retirees.  But how is the healthcare abroad?  Here’s an article by Chuck Bolotin that gives some answers that may surprise you. (...)
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Benefits of Global Employment Outsourcing
In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Eric Snethkamp discusses the most daunting human capital problems a business leader faces when expanding internationally; alternative options for business leaders who understand these complexities and potential pitfa (...)
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Asia Employment Law Forecast 2017
To download 7-page Alert, please click here.Source: DLA Piper (...)
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Top priorities for US boards in 2017
Geopolitical developments, innovation and technology are rapidly accelerating change in the global economy and affecting how companies create competitive advantage. Boards should continue to rethink and address their organization’s strategy, risk m (...)
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Top priorities for European boards in 2017
For corporate boards across Europe, 2016 proved to be a challenging year. In particular, large European companies have had to deal with issues such as market volatility, sluggish economic growth, competition from new and unexpected areas, more comple (...)
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Importance of Business Intelligence on Decision-Makers When Doing Business in China
In this Audio Interview, Xiaodong Han (President of Shanghai China-based Taichi and China expert) discusses why it is critical to develop good intelligence on decision makers; what are the key components of such intelligence; risks involved in develo (...)
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Narrowing talent recruitment gap between local and foreign companies in China: Report
For foreign firms in China, the business environment just got even tougher.Homegrown Chinese companies are now going head-to-head with multinationals when it comes to recruitment of top talent, salaries and career opportunities, new resea (...)
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Negotiating In China: 6 Cultural Business Tips For Success
How can we adapt our cultural work styles to manage more effectively when doing business in China?Working successfully with China means understanding several important cultural concepts that govern all business deals and responding adeptl (...)
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Doing business in China - about relationships and subtleties
New Zealand company director Annie Govan says two things are absolutely essential to doing business in China – building relationships and understanding the many subtleties that come with the Chinese culture.Actively involved in several (...)
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Canada: Navigating the global benefits marketplace for an increasingly international workforce
Today, some 2.8 million Canadians live in countries around the world. This represents nearly eight per cent of our population waking up and heading to work in lands and time zones not their own. Many other nations bid temporary farewell to many of th (...)
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An Integrative Approach to Cross-Border Expansion: The Role of Global Leadership
Despite perceived increases in cross-border activities, the actual level of globalization remains limited and much of its potential untapped. This is partly due to the persistent ethnocentric nature of how multinationals are managed and how, by exten (...)
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Eastern Europe’s workers are emigrating, but its pensioners are staying
The EU’s newest members face economic decline unless they woo back workers, or recruit immigrants of their ownIN THE Lithuanian town of Panevezys, a shiny new factory built by Devold, a Norwegian clothing manufacturer, sits alone in the (...)
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Forbes Insights: Reducing the Impact of Language Barriers
Forbes Insights surveyed senior executives at leading US companies to learn how language abilities impact individual and organizational success. The results indicate that corporate leaders see multilingual employees and language-training programs as (...)
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Germany: The Works Council’s right of co-determination regarding the Employer’s Facebook presence
The German Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht) decided on 13 December 2016 that the Works Council has a right of co-determination when the employer’s Facebook page allows other users to post comments, which are related to the behaviour and (...)
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What a successful expatriate looks like
A new report which identifies the personal characteristics of successful expatriates has been published by assessment specialist cut-e.The idea is to help multinational employers choose the right people for international assignments. (...)
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Kentucky’s Right-to-Work Earthquake Reverberates Across State Lines
Kentucky’s Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, has now officially signed right-to-work legislation–along with other jobs legislation–into law.Yet the impact of Kentucky’s right-to-work legislation could move beyond the state’s border (...)
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Brazil Raises 2017 Monthly Minimum Wage to R$937
The monthly new minimum wage is R$57 higher than the current one, but was R$8.8 below the R$945.80 that had been proposed in August.Despite the financial troubles facing the country, Brazil’s federal government announced that as of Janu (...)
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Global Employee Benefits Watch 2016/17 report
Our latest Global Employee Benefits Watch 2016/17 report with input from global HR and reward professionals and their employees, covering a headcount of nearly 3 million, has revealed that market-leading organizations are starting to bridge the gap i (...)
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Asia-Pacific employers raise salaries to combat high turnover
Voluntary employee turnover rates are particularly high for the technology sector, which has seen companies increase salaries in a bid to retain talent.As the employee turnover rate in technology-sector organisations continues to rise, co (...)
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Europe: Skills for tomorrow
According to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), around 40 per cent of employers in Europe have difficulties in recruiting employees with the required skill set. The problem is particularly poignant in the (...)
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