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March,  2008

European human capital: the challenge for central and eastern Europe
A continuation of the economic growth in central and eastern Europe is "not to be taken for granted", argue the authors of this paper from the think tank 'Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal'. The study, (...)
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CHINA: New labor contract law causes a stir among foreign and domestic companies
A new labor contract law went into effect Jan. 1, following a string of staff-sacking scandals in many companies.According to the new 98-article-long Labor Contract Law, employees of at least 10 years' standing are entitled to contracts tha (...)
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New PRC Employment Contract Law
On June 29, 2007, after more than two years of drafting/deliberation and an unprecedented amount of public comments, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (the national legislative of PRC) issued the PRC Employment Contract La (...)
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Beyond the Big Leave: The Future of U.S. Automotive Human Resources
Michigan’s current automotive labor challenge and opportunity is the subject of this study, the first automotive labor market report produced by CAR’s Program for Automotive Labor and Education (PALE). This program was launched in 2006 with su (...)
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India: Study Reveals Key Trends in Salary Increases Across the Region
Pay becomes increasingly important to employees; Sri Lanka reports highest salary increase, followed by India, Vietnam and China.According to the 8th annual Asia-Pacific Salary Increase Survey conducted by Hewitt A (...)
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Ontario fast-tracking next generation of Jobs Fund
Government investing in clean technologies to create jobs.Ontario is launching its Next Generation of Jobs Fund to give companies quicker decisions so they can get projects off the ground and create opportunity for (...)
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Eastern Promises: Relocating Talent within China
As China's economy matures, foreign and domestic companies are increasingly seeking new business opportunities in second and third tier cities, where markets are less saturated and start-up costs are lower. That often means organizations ha (...)
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"Help Wanted" highlights skills drain in U.S.
Only half the machines are running at precision parts maker Hamill Manufacturing, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains just east of Pittsburgh, once the booming center of the U.S. steel industry.But the factory's overcapacity is the result no (...)
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Assignments to China & India
As businesses continue to invest in the rapidly developing markets of China and India, they are becoming more aware of the challenges involved in finding the right talent to manage their investments. Their investment needs to be managed by a high- (...)
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GERMANY: Jobs, profits and patriots
When globalizing companies send production abroad, do workers at home always lose out? Not in Germany, where the best performers among the country’s biggest companies are turning the cost savings generated by outsourcing into domestic growth and (...)
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East Asia`s Competition to Attract Foreign Talent
Talent is briskly crisscrossing the frontiers of Korea, China and Japan since economic interdependence has increased between the three neighboring nations. All three need qualified talent due to China’s rapid economic growth, and Korea’s and J (...)
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The European automobile industry: backbone of the European economy
The European Automotive Industry Remains One of the Most Important Employers on the Continent.Life in Europe would be difficult to imagine without the mobility provided by the vehicle industry and its products: 85% (...)
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India: IT tries fancy designations to retain talent
The corporate talent poaching war is prompting Indian technology firms to offer fancy and important-sounding designations to employees — designations often much at variance with their nature of work. Some call it the 'bada title, chhota k (...)
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Foreign Expatriates in Korea Top One Million
The number of foreign residents in Korea surpassed one million as of last Friday, the Ministry of Justice said. There are 1,000,254 foreigners in Korea including illegal residents, long term residents and those staying for less than 90 days (...)
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Managing Compensation in Asia 2008 Report Reveals the 'Four Bold Bets' on Compensation of the Future
Organizations in Asia are progressively realizing that their critical assets are fast evolving into their most expensive assets, and they are rethinking their compensation strategies in the search for competitive advantage, according to the Managi (...)
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From Chennai to Shanghai: Expatriate Executive Women Working in Asia
Focusing on Asia in her first expatriate executive women exposé, Martins brings us up close and personal with seven expatriate women based in Asia, asking them about their roles, their experiences, and their advice to employers, human resource pr (...)
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CHINA: Health hotline launched in English
SHANGHAI: This city's 12320 public health hotline launched a new English language service over the weekend to give expatriates equal access to medical counseling.The move represents the debut of bilingual services on the national network, w (...)
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Multinational Firms Should Hold Own Management Styles in China
Overseas companies looking to penetrate the Chinese market would do well to maintain their own management techniques, according to recent research. Instead of adapting company practices to the Chinese cultural environment, the research found it is (...)
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CHINA: Procedural Changes and Increased Enforcement of Immigration Regulations
Summary:This Newsflash focuses on important recent process changes and enforcement activity in mainland China with respect to visas, work permits, and residence permits.Key FeaturesThe municipal (...)
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European Commission Implements Plan to Promote Job Mobility
Pension Portability, Language Barriers Addressed.  In order to improve worker mobility across Europe, the European Commission has implemented a plan to tackle the obstacles faced by people seeking to work in another EU country. These obstacles ca (...)
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Slovakia: New minimum wage rules come into effect
From next year, the minimum wage in Slovakia will be set according to new rules. This stems from a new law on minimum wage that is to come into effect on February 1, 2008.According to the new law, employers will have to negotiate with union (...)
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Russia Compensation and Benefits Survey
Participants The sample of survey participants includes 167 companies operating in a number of industries and market segments. The number of participating companies this year increased by 40%. Regional Coverag (...)
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Pitfalls and Best Practices for Selecting Employees for International Assignment
Considering the high cost of an international assignment, no company wants to blow one of the earliest but essential steps—selecting the right employee for the mission. Lewars details how to leap over common pitfalls regarding expatriate selecti (...)
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Dollar a Downer for American Expatriates
After slowly trending downward for the last five years, the American dollar has accelerated its decline over the past five months. Indeed, the dollar has sunk to record lows versus the euro, a low against the Canadian dollar that hasn't bee (...)
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Americans and Germans: “Do What It Takes” vs. “Make No Mistakes”
How cultural differences between Germans and Americans affect the decision making and problem solving process in engineering and project development – two strategic functions for global success. Why aren't they moving forward?” and How (...)
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American Essentials for Spouses and Children of U.S. Visa Holders
Hopping on board an assignment to the United States can be an exciting opportunity for an accompanying spouse/partner and children, especially if they are able to acquire the right permissions in a timely manner. Berry focuses on immigration conce (...)
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