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June,  2008

Attrition Among High-potential Employees in Asia
As the war for talent grows more intense each year, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure they have the right people in place to guide future business success. It's widely understood that high-performing employees are criti (...)
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Wages in Eastern Germany Well Below Levels in West
A new study shows there is still an immense wage discrepancy between eastern and western Germany -- as much as 41 percent in some cases.Seventeen years after reunification, wages and salaries in eastern Germany are still drastically lower t (...)
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Vietnam is the new China: Globalization's Victors Hunt for the Next Low-Wage Country
What can Western companies do when China's factory workers start demanding better wages and conditions? Easy -- just transfer production to a cheaper country. China's loss is Vietnam's gain.The world's manufacturing powerhouse needs new low (...)
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U.S.: Talent Shortage Emerges as No. 1 Employer Concern
Economic security in retirement and financial growth opportunities most troubling to employees, according to Deloitte/ISCEBS survey.A shortage of skilled and talented workers has become the most pressing concern among employers, supplanting (...)
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Seeking Suitable Health Care in China
China’s rise as an international business force yields opportunities and challenges for multinational companies and their expatriate assignees. Koski and Killian recently visited major cities and regions across China in an effort to assess the s (...)
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More than one in five Germans get low wages
More than one German in five works in the "low wage" category, a higher proportion than in Britain but below that in the United States, a press report said Friday. The Frankfurter Rundshau quoted researcher Gerhard Bosch as saying (...)
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The Future of the U.S. Workforce
The recent debate over U.S. immigration reform has failed to pay sufficient attention to several accelerating trends in immigration of high skilled workers. While legislated, the U.S. high-skilled immigration system has been largely left unreforme (...)
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Focus on Singapore: The vital spark
Education holds the key to competitiveness for a small island nation.A huge pool of labor, rich natural resources and a large surface area are generally held to be the keys to success in the commercial battle of na (...)
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Business facing unprecedented challenges over four-generation workforces
The clash of different work styles and attitudes between younger and older employees is one of the most significant productivity challenges facing present employers, results of Capture It”, a research project into the multi-generational workplac (...)
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U.S. CEO Compensation Study Reveals New Patterns in CEO Pay
Top U.S. companies are relying more heavily on performance plans to tie executive pay to long-term company performance, according to results from The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group CEO Compensation Study, released today. For the first time, The Wal (...)
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Salaries likely to rise as government encourages collective bargaining
China is launching a systematic effort to support ordinary workers to bargain for salaries with their employers.The All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), the national labor organization with a membership of 169.94 million people in (...)
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EU Employment Ministers Welcome Stricter Working Regulations
European employment and social ministers have reached an agreement on two contentious labour issues that would harmonise regulations across the EU; however, disputes are likely to continue on the matter.Global Insight Perspectiv (...)
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Working in China: The Facts
China’s economic development today is phenomenal. It is a wonderfully interesting place for business managers because it is the fastest-growing area in the world. But there is a lot to know about working in China. Throughout Leadership Success i (...)
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Majority of U.S. workers willing to change cities, but not countries, for career advancement
Relocating to a different city for the right job opportunity would be no problem for most U.S. workers, but the 2008 Kelly Global Workforce Index shows that Americans lag behind their global counterparts in their willingness to move to another cou (...)
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Japan: Employment Terms and Conditions
The Japanese Diet has enacted laws setting labor rules and altering the way in which the minimum wage is established. Japan has enacted two laws designed to address changing labor market conditions. First, the revised Minimum Wage Law reque (...)
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Low Pay in Poland Leads to Academic Brain Drain
Poland's young academics are going abroad in search of well-paying jobs. Those who stay at home are labeled "desperados" and often earn so little, regardless of how many degrees they have, that they can hardly survive.Agnieszka Ko (...)
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Board Brief China: The Board's Changing Role
For many corporate directors, doing business in China today is tantamount to high-stakes chess. The first moves, which mostly entail sourcing to reduce costs, feel smart and fit easily within the board’s purview. But as the game progresses, ever (...)
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UAW Membership Falls Below WWII Level
United Auto Workers union membership has fallen below 500,000 for the first time since World War II, reflecting the massive restructuring undertaken by Detroit’s automakers.The union reported Friday in a filing with the Labor Department t (...)
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Koreans Can Visit US Visa Free From December
South Koreans will be able to visit the United States for up to three months visa-free beginning December, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Friday. To that end, Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan and U.S. Homeland Security Secreta (...)
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UK: Strong penalties now in place for hiring illegal migrants
Employers hiring illegal migrant workers from outside the European Union could face strong penalties under new immigration rules that took effect on February 29, 2008.Key detailsAs of February 29, an employer that hi (...)
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Psst! Here's how to beat turnover in Vietnam
With nano-thin margins in many electronics segments, it is only natural that OEMs are looking for the next low-cost place to build. Vietnam, which pops up on most radar screens, might be that place - or might not. The Asian low-cost leader has an (...)
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U.S. Labor Shortage: Companies Expect Shortfall to Cost an Average of $52 Million, $100 Million for Largest Manufacturers
A new survey shows that the baby boomer retirement coupled with a lost generation of factory workers have combined to create a perfect storm, aggravating a costly skilled labor shortage for manufacturers in the US.The need to replace these (...)
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China Update: Competing for Talent in One of the World's Hottest Markets
As more multinationals compete for talent in China, attracting and retaining the right workforce grows more challenging every day. For scarce managerial, technical, sales and marketing talent, the competition can be brutal. Despite the rapid run-u (...)
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Companies adjusting to new severance payment requirements
China’s new Labor Contract Law, which took effect on January 1, 2008, tightened requirements for severance payments. Although the law is still new, companies need to be alert to potential financial implications, as a recent case study points out (...)
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New Data Show Strong Labor Market for Scientists and Engineers
Science and engineering workforce availability in the United States is under serious scrutiny by observers who worry about a decline in the nation's ability to fill future demand. However, three newly published National Science Foundation (NSF) re (...)
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Annual 10 Hardest Jobs To Fill Survey: Engineers, Machinists and Skilled Trades Top List In U.S.
Engineers, machinists and skilled trade workers are among the nation's most challenging positions to fill, according to survey findings released by Manpower Inc."From our research it is clear that across the country employers are exper (...)
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Asia: Locals poised to turn the tables on expats
Headhunters are seeing a new trend toward local leaders in emerging markets.Could companies in the not-too-distant future see the day when their most senior executive positions will be largely filled by locals, rather than an expatriate who (...)
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India: Employee benefits liabilities can be spread over time
Recent revisions to the employee benefits accounting standard, AS15 (Revised 2005), will allow employers more time to spread out new liabilities on their balance sheets.The recent announcement, issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountan (...)
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