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CHINA: "One Belt One Road - China’s New Outbound Trade Initiative" alert

CHINA: "One Belt One Road - China’s New Outbound Trade Initiative" alert. 4-page alert by DLA Piper.

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February,  2005

Are your employees returning in February? The WTO column
Shanghai - The first trains with migrant workers have left the rail ways stations to go home, to celebrate the annual Spring festival at home, causing the traditional logistical mayhem. More than ever, employers who see their workers leave, have to a (...)
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KPMG study finds most auto executives view China with rose-colored glasses
A new KPMG global survey found that auto industry executives worldwide are viewing the Chinese market through rose colored glasses, the South China Morning Post reports. The paper said fully 37% of the 120 executives KPMG contacted thought ther (...)
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Research and development goes global
Development for local production and access to engineers The globalisation of research and development is one of the emerging trends at tier one suppliers. Part of the reason for the growth, particularly in China, has been for local application (...)
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Shanghai hunts for overseas staff
Shanghai will step up efforts to attract quality professionals from abroad as part of a new human resource plan for this year. "Shanghai is striving to shape itself into a world-class cosmopolis, and for this human resources are crucial," said (...)
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China: Deciphering the Official GDP Release for 2004
According to the National Bureau of Statistics' (NBS) GDP release on January 25, China's real GDP for 2004 rose 9.5%, up from its 9.1% growth in 2003. In the fourth quarter of 2004, growth accelerated to 9.5% year over year, up from 9.1% in the third (...)
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Property prices continue to rise
Property prices in China's 35 large and mid-sized cities rose about 10 percent year on year in the fourth quarter of 2004, the Government said over the weekend. In the fourth quarter, sale prices on real estate rose 10.8 percent from the same p (...)
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Business Wire news and press release distribution in China and Hong Kong reaches business and media
Business Wire, a partner of, has entered into a news distribution agreement with China's Technology Information Promotion System, (TIPS,) a government-affiliated agency that provides access to a multi-channel distribution platf (...)
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Suppliers find China sourcing solution via China Auto Suppliers Group has partnered with the China Auto Suppliers Group, a consortium of pre-qualified, OEM-proven Chinese auto suppliers, to assist Western-based automotive suppliers sourcing components in China. This unique initiative offers (...)
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