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March,  2005

Training Chinese knowledge workers fails
Shanghai - In a thorough study on how China's human capital is educated and training, Will Hickey paints a grim picture of wrong perceptions among all players, over expensive and ethnocentric training that basically fails to prepa (...)
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Beijing Tax Bureau begins to process business tax refund applications for technology transfer transactions
Transfers of technology by foreign companies or individuals have been eligible for an exemption from business tax (BT) since 1999. However, taxpayers are required to submit an exemption application to the relevant authorities for approval, and until (...)
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Beijing strikes a blow against trademark infringers
Beginning before Christmas, signs were placed prominently in the most notorious knock off” markets in Beijing, warning vendors that it is an offence to traffic in fake products bearing certain trademarks. Among the list (...)
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Practical tips for protecting intellectual property in China
Despite attempts to improve the intellectual property protection environment in China, worries about privacy and infringement inevitably top the list of concerns raised by foreign companies preparing to do business here. (...)
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Global Sourcing: Opportunities and approaches for the 21st century
In our last column (November 2004), we launched a discussion of global sourcing: acquiring materials from lower-cost countries to reduce costs and to support the considerations of complex, global business models. Today US (...)
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Preferential taxation of bonus payments
The State Administration of Taxation recently changed the method of calculating tax on qualifying annual bonus payments. Effective 1 January 2005, the tax on qualifying annual bonuses is to be calculated by apply (...)
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Beijing seeks brainpower from abroad
New regulations that are directed at institutionalizing foreign hiring and bringing greatly needed overseas talent to China are set to go into effect later this year. The regulations would include a comprehensive assessme (...)
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China plans 85,000km of new highways
China is drawing up plans to invest RMB2trn (US$315.08bn) in building 85,000km of new expressways, including a highway linking the mainland to Taiwan, Communications Minister Zhang Chunxian said. He said the project would (...)
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