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CHINA: "An Overview of New PRC GAAP: Differences between old and new PRC GAAP and its convergence wi

CHINA: "An Overview of New PRC GAAP: Differences between old and new PRC GAAP and its convergence with IFRS" report. 52-page report by KPMG China.

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April,  2005

Complying with PRC anti-bribery laws
A clarification of China's criminal and commercial antibribery statutes The problem of corruption in China is evident to many who operate there. On one hand, foreign companies are competing in a countr (...)
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A new division of labor: end-game or mind-game?
For many non-Chinese, China's economic rise is still an abstraction. This is about to change. It is not just the pace of economic change in China that is important, but how China is changing the pace of what we do and how we do it. I (...)
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Rising oil prices, stiff competition put a dent in the hopes of Chinese SUV makers
Soaring oil prices along with a bitter competitive rivalry, seem to be putting a dent in the hopes of Chinese sport utility vehicle makers, the Shanghai Daily reported. The article was prompted by the fact that China's state-owned re (...)
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China's machine tool market
Download free report by KPMG China China is firmly on the radar screens of machine tool companies around the world. Not only has China overtaken the US and Germany to become the large (...)
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Sourcing from China: Everybody's Doing It, So Why Should We?
Free white paper You only have to crack open the cover of any major business magazine to realize that Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) has become the current centerpiece of most cost reduction st (...)
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Business tax certificates not required for technology transfer payments overseas
The SAT and State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE”) jointly issued a circular (Guoshuifa [2005] No. 28) on 7 March 2005. Guofa [2004] No. 16 abolished the requirement that administrative approval be obtained for a business (...)
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China In-House Programs Offer Flexibility And Customization
Prudential Relocation International together with is now offering in-house full-day or half-day training sessions for anyone who is doing business with the Chinese, traveling to China regularly or relocating to China. The sessi (...)
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Dongguan tax bureau steps up transfer pricing activity
The local Dongguan tax bureau recently issued a notice to strengthen compliance with transfer pricing information and reporting regulations by foreign investment enterprises and foreign enterprises. Of note: (...)
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China serves notice it will not only build its own auto industry but make it a serious global player
The Chinese government served notice with two separate actions recently that it is not only determined to build its own independent auto industry, but to make it a serious player in the global market. China's General Administration o (...)
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