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May,  2005

Confusion in the face of adversity
In the face of adversity some people are impressive. I recently read an account of an rather solid English lady who was kidnapped in Manchuria by bandits in the early 1930s. She wrote to her husband declaring: 'T (...)
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Japan and China will hold an auto dialogue in May, but seeds of conflict remain
Though recent anti-Japanese demonstrations in Beijing and cities across China have caused cancellation of a number of business meetings and events, the two governments and auto industry groups will proceed with their plans for an ann (...)
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Pricing pressure in China set to intensify
Falling market puts pressure on auto industry suppliers The slowdown in the Chinese auto market is compounding an already rapidly deteriorating sit (...)
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Corporate execs say supply chains a strategic key to their business future; Expected reliance on China is dramatic
An increasing number of senior corporate leaders surveyed in Europe and the United States recognize the success of their businesses is tied very closely to the effective management of their supply chains, a new poll shows. Moreover, (...)
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Scarce labor in China
Human resources managers say the days when you could open a factory near Hong Kong and easily fill it with dirt-cheap workers are over,” according to the International Herald Tribune . Factories in Southeast Ch (...)
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China's April producer prices jump 5.8 percent
Fueled by rising energy costs, producer prices rose by 5.8% in April, the highest increase in three months. Most Chinese factories are now operating at or near full capacity, which is in turn leading to higher energy prices. (...)
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