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ASIA: "Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: India"

ASIA: "Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: India". 13-page report by KPMG.

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August,  2005

Making the case for Asia
As Western multinationals launch a new and unprecedented wave of investment in Asia, the techniques used to judge regional opportunities, and the strategies chosen to pursue them are changing radically. Back in 2002, staff working in (...)
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Yuan to Rethink Your China Supply Chain Strategy?
Probably not: Analysts downplay supply chain impact of China's decision to decouple currency from dollar Supply chain executives who spent the last few years formulating and implementing a China supply chain plan as part of (...)
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Thailand automotive: Industry reaches crossroads
Since starting Able Autopart Industries nearly 20 years ago, Yeap Swee Chuan has ridden the success of Thailand's bid to become the Detroit of the East. Now, after building a $176-million-a-year company that supplies every major carmaker from Daimler (...)
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Europe's China agenda - the WTO-column
When you compare the way the US and Europe are dealing with the upcoming economic force called China, then it is hard not to note some very remarkable differences. The relations between the US and China are almost daily subject of scrutiny by the US (...)
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Japanese Makers Plan Training Program To Train 10,000 Thai Auto Workers
Four major Japanese automakers with assembly plants in Thailand, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi, are setting up a 10-year training program to educate up to 10,000 Thai technical people and executives of local parts suppliers and related automot (...)
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Hiring outlook optimistic for Asian nations
Almost 2500 executives in seven key industries across China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore have expressed a high level of confidence in their hiring expectations. The Hudson Report indicated that year on year all the markets surveyed sho (...)
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China: Rules Governing Entities in Bonded Areas and Bonded Logistics Parks Further Liberalized
The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a Notice (ShangZiZi [2005] No. 76 (Notice 76)) on 13 July 2005 addressing the administration of trading operations of entities established in bonded areas (BAs (...)
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Foreign Workers Find Favor in China
Economic development, as a colossal magnet, has attracted an increasing number of foreigners to come and work in China. According to statistics released by departments concerned, nearly 100,000 foreigners are working on Chinese mainland. (...)
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Where the Knowledge Workers Are
For years, corporate America has been hearing that transactional work is being sent overseas, while creative and innovative work is staying in the U.S. A look at what's really going on in China, India and elsewhere tells a different story. (...)
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