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September,  2005

China. An Automotive Industry on the Verge
To glimpse the future of the automotive industry, look to China. The size and rapid growth of China's automotive market means that it will determine success or failure for manufacturers (...)
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India's Untold Story
For those at the bottom, standards of living are inching higher The road to the remote village of Kharonda winds around the gentle slopes of the Sahayadri hills in the western Indian state of Mah (...)
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Asia: Taking the Lead
Globalization is forcing the Asian business world, long characterized by autocracy and rigid processes, to become more agile. It may have taken several decades to get here, but the promise of significant and sustainable growth in Asia is now more tan (...)
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China — Change to immigration requirements for foreigners planning to work in Shanghai
Background Regardless of national immigration and labour laws, the practices of local immigration and labour bureaus in China vary from region to region. Whilst there are innumerable variations m (...)
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Tips for Successful Media Relations in China
Many foreign companies find it difficult to manage media relations in China. Following these tips can help. Respect journalists Though China has been liberalizing its media gradually o (...)
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Global Automaker Growth Strategies
Big bets and no margin for error For all the challenges facing the automotive sector, growth in global assembly volumes is not likely to be one of them. According to the most recent PwC AUTOFACTS (...)
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Hong Kong: Commissioner Issues Ruling on Apportionment of Profits of Cross-Border Manufacturing
The Hong Kong Commissioner of Inland Revenue recently issued an advance ruling (Case No. 19) addressing the tax treatment of Hong Kong-China contract processing agreements,” concluding that profits arising from the sale of goods under such agreemen (...)
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China: Expert warns of looming labor shortages
China continues to have a surplus labor force but is plagued by an unhealthy labor-capital relationship, top researchers say. However, Xie Fang, deputy director and a researcher with the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at (...)
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New Japanese Batteries That Make Electric Cars Feasible May Blindside Detroit Anew
Japanese automotive technology has blindsided Detroit, and to some extent the Europeans, twice in the past three decades—once during the oil crisis of 1974, and the second time with the development of hybrids in the mid-1990s. (...)
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Vietnam's Government Maintains Limit on the Number of Expatriate Employees Companies May Hire
Vietnam's Decree 93, issued in July 2005, serves to continue the government's previous restriction on the number of foreign workers a company might hire, which was 3 percent of the company's total staff members. The limit applies to state (...)
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