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CHINA: "Yes, China’s the Largest, but Let’s Put Things in Perspective" Exec Summary

CHINA: "Yes, China’s the Largest, but Let’s Put Things in Perspective" Exec Summary. 6-page China Automotive Monthly Executive Summary by J.D. Power AsiaPacific.

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July,  2005

The Five Biggest Myths About Doing Business in China
Myth: China Will Be The Next Economic Super Power Reality: Certainly the potential exists, but the jury is still out on whether China's economy can ever reach super power” status alo (...)
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Is The China Market Back?
June Sales Soared 55.8% From Year Ago; GM Says It Overtook Volkswagen The question on the minds of people watching the Chinese auto market last week was a lot more pleasant th (...)
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A global march with Japanese characteristics - The WTO column
China's starting global march shows, at least superficial, interesting similarities with Japan's road into the global markets, now decades ago. China's companies have enough money to acquire foreign companies, they try to do so, although (...)
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Outsourcing "Points of Pain" in the Supply Chain
Third-party logistics providers are partnering with companies to handle global sourcing differences, improve product fill rates and eliminate other "points of pain" in the supply chain CEOs and senior executi (...)
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Automotive industry affected by recent guideline changes in China
The Ministry of Commerce and the State Development and Reform Commission recently revised two guideline catalogues that affect automotive industry investment in China. The revision of the Catalogue for Guiding Foreign Investment in Indust (...)
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China's machine tool market
Download free report by KPMG China China is firmly on the radar screens of machine tool companies around the world. Not only has China overtaken the US and Germany to become the large (...)
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China Tightens Employment Regulations for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Nationals Working on the Mainland
New rules were issued by the Chinese authorities on 14 June 2005 amending the administration of employment permits for nationals from each of the three territories working in the People's Republic of China (PRC), and widening th (...)
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China's Currency Revaluation
What Did the Chinese Government Actually Do? The People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced that China has abandoned its fixed exchange rate with the US dollar and moved to a managed floa (...)
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Spanish Government Directs Investment at Western China
The Spanish government is now directing investment from the country from eastern China to western China. The Chinese government has had a policy of developing the western part of China since 2000; this amounts to the first major Euro (...)
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China's Still On A Roll
The Chinese are learning the capitalist art of spin, as the world's fastest-growing big economy continues to shrug off government attempts to cool it. Gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 9.5% in the first half of this yea (...)
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