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CHINA: "Surging Numbers Imposing Future Risks (Dec. 2013)" press release

CHINA: "Surging Numbers Imposing Future Risks (Dec. 2013)" press release. 3-page press release by LMC Automotive.

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August,  2005

What's Next for China's Miracle?
Economist Hai Wen on the challenges ahead in maintaining the current momentum in coming years, from exports to health care. An economics-degree holder from the University of California, Davis, Hai Wen is a leading author (...)
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Shadow Market
With whole swathes of China's private sector locked out of the state-owned banking system, many companies are turning to unofficial, unregulated, and often illegal means to raise money. As Liu Cong Hui sees it, (...)
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Chinese Outbound Investment Subject to Greater Scrutiny
Chinese companies seeking to make investments abroad have always been subject to approval from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC”) and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE”). Whether Chinese natural persons were subject to this regime h (...)
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Nissan Becomes the First Japanese Automaker To Win Protection of Its Trademark in China
Nissan became the first Japanese automaker to win formal protection of its trademark in China, Nihon Keizai reported 8/18. The paper didn't say why the others don't have it, but it would seem they may not have bothered to apply. The (...)
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The Five Biggest Myths About Doing Business in China
Myth: China Will Be The Next Economic Super Power Reality: Certainly the potential exists, but the jury is still out on whether China's economy can ever reach super power” status alo (...)
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Economist's Corner: What Does China's Currency Revaluation Mean?
China has revalued its currency (the renminbi) for the first time in 11 years. Why did such a small event (a revaluation of just 2.1%) generate such big headlines? The reason is that this is probably the first step in a journey that (...)
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Sourcing from China: Everybody's Doing It, So Why Should We?
Free white paper You only have to crack open the cover of any major business magazine to realize that Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) has become the current centerpiece of most cost reduction st (...)
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China Revises Its Personal Income Tax Law
To answer to public appeals, China's Standing Committee of the National People's Congress will convene its first ever public hearing on September 27 to deal with legislation on personal income tax law. According to the first draft am (...)
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Industry output threatened
China's industrial output may slow slightly in the second half because of surplus capacity and excess inventory linked to an investment boom, according to a government report released yesterday. The 2005 industrial production growth (...)
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China Market Growth Slowed Just a Bit in July, But Is Still Running Hot
Chinese automotive production and sales slowed a bit in July because of power shortages and bad weather, but the market is still running hot. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said 8/18 that the industry gained more t (...)
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Fuel shortages hit southern China
Severe fuel shortage has hit the southern province of Guangdong and is likely to spread to Yangtze Delta and other coastal areas. In Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong, drivers were waiting for hours in lines to fill their tanks. G (...)
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