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ASIA: "Riding Southeast Asia's automotive highway" report

ASIA: "Riding Southeast Asia's automotive highway" report. 18-page report by PwC.

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December,  2005

Asia: Variety - The spice of business
 The demographics of the Asian workforce today are dramatically different from the past. No longer dominated by a (...)
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Inside China: The Chinese view their automotive future
Introduction Automotive manufacturers and suppliers view China as the largest combination of automotive market and low-cost manufacturing and supply base to appear in decades. Compani (...)
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China or Bust: Recognizing the True Costs of Outsourcing
All that glitters may not be gold when it comes to outsourcing manufacturing productions to China. First, weigh the costs and learn the facts with this helpful guide. Are you behind the curve to source your produ (...)
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India and China: Competitive or Complementary?
Shanghai - Much has been written about the spectacular transformation of, first, the Chinese economy since the start of economic reform in 1978 and, a decade later, the Indian economy. Indeed, the resulting economic statistics are as (...)
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Talent management: Japan overhauls salaryman model to attract future leaders
Japan needs to diversify its executive ranks to offset its future talent shortage, calling for a drastic change in corporate mindsets, reports The Economist. The country's low birth rate and longer living populat (...)
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GM Is Said To Create Korean Parts Unit With Intent To Triple Purchases Within Three Years
General Motors has set up a Korean parts task force and is making plans to triple its purchases of Korean-made parts over the next three years, the Joongang Ilbo reported last week. The paper said the Detroit off (...)
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“Automotive Assembly Parts” The Japanese Market Report by JETRO
Throughout the era of high economic growth, the Japanese automobile parts industry grew consistently. However, the collapse of the bubble economy saw the industry enter a downturn, and with competition in the automobile industry inte (...)
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Great year for Asia's design fortunes
This has been another productive year for Asia's electronics design industry. Apparently, talk of a greater shift of design activities to Asia was superseded by the realization of another major development: a greater shift of semicon (...)
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China Update: Currency - Something Old, Something New
This week the Bush Administration took a long-expected step: it did NOT cite China in its biannual report on foreign exchange regimes as a country that manipulates the value of its currency in order to gain a trade advantage. But, in (...)
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Learn the Chinese language to strengthen China relationships
Capitalizing on global opportunities in the auto industry means having to communicate effectively with industry professionals and customers from many different cultures and languages. The surest way to gain clear understanding and build meaningful re (...)
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Business Wire enters into reciprocal relationship with Taiwan's Central News Agency
CNA Will Provide Direct Access to Taipei Media, Online, Academic, Government and Corporate Subscribers Business Wire announced a news distribution and commercial representation agreement with Tai (...)
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