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CHINA: "Hong Kong: Court Clarifies Application of DIPN 21 on Locality of Profits Issue"

CHINA: "Hong Kong: Court Clarifies Application of DIPN 21 on Locality of Profits Issue". 5-page review by Deloitte Tax.

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September,  2005

Can Chinese products survive a crash test? – the WTO column
Brussels - The question about the safety of Chinese cars has not been asked too often at the Chinese roads, where a victim more just adds to the entertainment for the lucky people who have not been caught in the accident. But now the (...)
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Sourcing From China–It's Not a Panacea
Recently, a colleague emailed me an intriguing article from the Detroit News entitled, China losing cheap labor allure…More U.S. companies find savings are drained by errors, shipping costs and engineering changes.” The article g (...)
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China: CEOs Urge a Pragmatic Approach to Risk
SummaryChina is the ‘place to be” in Asia and the world's preferred destination for foreign direct investment. But exclusive research by Accenture among more than 200 CEOs confirms that the r (...)
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China's Geely Boasts It Will Be Making 2 Million Cars a Year By 2015
China's Geely, a minor but up and coming player in China, brought five vehicles to Frankfurt for this week's motor show, and confidently predicted it will be able to raise production 20-fold to 2 million vehicles a year by 2015. (...)
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Talent Management: Chinese firms lure top talent away from global giants
A rising number of Chinese firms are convincing executives to quit their jobs at big multinationals, report Frederik Balfour and Dexter Roberts in BusinessWeek. Five years ago no Chinese manager would have left a foreign (...)
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Change to immigration requirements for foreigners planning to work in Shanghai
Background Regardless of national immigration and labour laws, the practices of local immigration and labour bureaus in China vary from region to region. Whilst there are innumerable variations m (...)
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SAT Issues Circular on Administrative Rules of PRC Individual Income Tax
The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently released to the public a Circular (Guoshuifa [2005] No.120), originally issued on 6 July 2005, that sets forth Administrative Rules on Individual Income Tax (IIT) and requests the t (...)
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China's machine tool market
Download free report by KPMG China China is firmly on the radar screens of machine tool companies around the world. Not only has China overtaken the US and Germany to become the large (...)
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Tips for Successful Media Relations in China
Many foreign companies find it difficult to manage media relations in China. Following these tips can help. Respect journalists Though China has been liberalizing its media gradually o (...)
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Labour law violation bosses to go on "blacklist"
The southern Chinese province of Guangdong will implement a special system to disclose those employers who violate labour laws starting next month, sources with the provincial labour and social security authority said. (...)
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Industrial Production Up 16% on Exports
China's industrial output continued to grow at a fast pace in August and should remain strong as robust exports underpin manufacturing, economists said. The country's value-added industrial output rose 16% in Aug (...)
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Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Joins China Alliance
Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (USTR”) for China Affairs Charles W. Freeman III joined The China Alliance on September 1, 2005. The China Alliance is a legal business advisory group that offers clients (...)
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