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Click to watch Peter Theut - Succeeding in China
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October,  2005

Succeeding in China - It's All About the Culture
It is common knowledge amongst expatriates working and living in China for a long time that more foreign businesses are doing badly than are outright successes. As the Chief Finance Officer of a popular American FMCG remarked to me l (...)
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Logistics Inside China: The Next Big Supply Chain Challenge
The opportunities and challenges for serving China's domestic market are enormous. The secrets to success are a reliable supply chain with trusted partners and reliable 3PLs that can navigate China's immature infrastructure and compl (...)
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Supply Chain: Making It in China
China is not for everyone, because of the high logistical costs of getting products into, around and out of the mainland. Here's how to figure out if and how China should be in your company's future. When Arvinde (...)
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The Case Against China
U.S. policymakers have long complained that China's undervalued currency gives it an unfair competitive advantage. How can the United States prove that China is indeed manipulating its currency? In a selection from the book "The (...)
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Frequently asked Real Estate Questions on Living in Shanghai, China
• What are the different types of leasing contracts in Shanghai? There are two types, primarily: Long-term (>6 months) and short-term (<6 months) leasing contracts in Shanghai. Most owner (...)
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China Risk: Labour Market Risk
Foreign companies that do business in China will find it difficult to recruit experienced, high-quality managers from the local labor pool, and skilled labor is also difficult to find. The Chinese government has (...)
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September Chinese Sales Rose, Industry Associations, Makers Differ on How Much
China's sales of passenger vehicles shot up 31.1% from a year ago in September, but commercial vehicle sales apparently declined about 14%, producing an overall 13.8% growth rate, according to the Beijing-based China Association of A (...)
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China's machine tool market
Download free report by KPMG China China is firmly on the radar screens of machine tool companies around the world. Not only has China overtaken the US and Germany to become the large (...)
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Tips for Successful Media Relations in China
Many foreign companies find it difficult to manage media relations in China. Following these tips can help. Respect journalists Though China has been liberalizing its media gradually o (...)
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China's Economy Grew 9.4% in Third Quarter, More Than Expected
China's economy expanded faster than expected in the third quarter as consumers spent more and investment in coal mines and railways increased. Gross domestic product rose 9.4% from a year earlier after climbing (...)
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China's banking industry: Growth depends on radical governance reforms
Much like other sectors in China, the Chinese banking industry too is undergoing dramatic change within the socialist market economy.” As little as 15 years ago, the banks in China were seen as cashiers” for the gover (...)
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10 Key Challenges for the Chinese Logistics Industry
According to a report published by Armstrong & Associates, Transport Intelligence's, China Logistics 2004, the Chinese logistics industry will expand with a compound annual growth rate of 33 percent up to 2007. This g (...)
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Insurance for emergency air evacuation can pay off
Travel agents Patricia and Robert Watson celebrated a very different kind of anniversary at a Connecticut restaurant Saturday night. Two years ago, Patricia was evacuated from Europe to New York by air ambulance (...)
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Turkey: On the Start Line
Late on the night of October 3, and with a sigh of relief almost audible in Ankara, a negotiating roller coaster finally ended as accession negotiations began between Turkey and the European Union. Yet there remains a lon (...)
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