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ASIA: "Asean Automotive Monthly: Executive Summary (May 2011)"

ASIA: "Asean Automotive Monthly: Executive Summary (May 2011)". 5-page Executive Summary by J.D. Power Asia Pacific.

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January,  2006

Explosive Growth in China's Pearl River Delta
Last September, the Precision Metalforming Association led U.S. metalforming executives on a week-long tour of modern and well-run stamping and die shops in and around the city of Shenzhen in China's Pearl River Delta. (...)
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Car jobs in high demand in Thailand as output grows
BANGKOK/TOKYO - Joe Goh, a business development director at Thai auto parts maker AAPICO Hitech PCL , is facing challenges many competitors in the West can only dream of."We've got to have more capacity," he said, describing plans (...)
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New Perspectives on Employee Mobility in China
What is the fastest-growing assignment type in China? Where are assignees coming from? And what are the biggest challenges for companies managing mobility into, in, and out of China? For a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding mobility ma (...)
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How to screen for bogus parts
It's no secret many electronics buyers like to make opportunistic purchases from independent distributors who often sell parts for considerably less than franchised distributors.However, some buyers are concerned about getting stuck with co (...)
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India: corporate governance gains higher profile
Corporate governance, the cornerstone of sound financial institutions, is indispensable to growing economies. It is also an important prerequisite for attracting foreign investment and plays a major role in efficient capital allocation, as well as (...)
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CHINA - Less than 10% of job candidates suitable for foreign companies
Despite China's enormous pool of university graduates (3.1 million), research by McKinsey's Global Institute (MGI) suggests that less than 10% of Chinese job candidates, on average, would be suitable for work in a foreign company. According to int (...)
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Indian gov't to sell stake in car maker
The Indian government on Thursday agreed to sell an 8 percent equity stake in Maruti Udyog Ltd., the country's largest car maker, to eight bidders for 15.67 billion rupees (US$355 million).Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said the bids were (...)
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2006 KPMG Global Auto Executive Survey
The major undercurrent:The auto business is not getting any easier and its growth is shifting from North America and Western Europe to Asia and Eastern Europe.European automotive manufacturers could learn from the cha (...)
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How Global is Your Bank?
You still can’t count on a single bank to handle everything everywhere. And you wouldn’t want to even if you could.When it’s time to raise money, CFOs find it hard to ignore the muscle that global banks bring to the task. Last year, t (...)
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