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CHINA: "Autos/Trucks: China Auto Demand Stable in April (May 2017 report)"

CHINA: "Autos/Trucks: China Auto Demand Stable in April (May 2017 report)". 9-page report by BAIRD.

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November,  2005

The China Factor
For manufacturers struggling to map their future in a global economy, where the signs and landmarks shift with dizzying speed, the question of the moment is this: What will be the impact of China? Manufacturers k (...)
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Over the Great Wall
China is allowing more foreigners to control its companies. But it is imposing too many conditions The barbarians are hurdling the Wall. On October 25th Carlyle, a private-equity firm, became the (...)
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From Walls to Bridges: How Chinese companies are redefining international M&A
Yang Hua realized what it means to be Chinese in the age of international deal-making while taking his executive MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US two years ago. I had been thinking about it for years that I (...)
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GM and Chery settle legal action
General Motors, the world's largest carmaker, has abandoned efforts to stop Chery building a copy of one of its small cars in China, according to the US representative of the independent Chinese manufacturer. GM (...)
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Car industry profits plunge
Profits in China's auto industry plunged almost 40 percent in the first three quarters from last year as car prices kept declining, Oriental Morning Post reported today. Sales in 6224 auto companies grew 7.18 percent, while their tot (...)
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1st sea-spanning bridge ready for traffic
China's first sea-spanning bridge- Shanghai East China Sea Bridge- opened to traffic in Shanghai November 17, 2005. The bridge, 32.5 kilometers long, is said t (...)
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Talent Management: China faces major management skills gap
China's booming economy is headed towards a major shortage of effective managers, report Diana Farrell and Andrew J. Grant in The McKinsey Quarterly. Chinese firms will require 75,000 global leaders to implement their international e (...)
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New Price Cuts May Be in Store for China as Makers Struggle To Hit Targets
With several automakers struggling to meet their annual sales targets, a new round of price wars” may be in the cards for China this month and next, the Shanghai Daily reported last week. The paper noted that a (...)
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Guangdong province striving for sustainable growth
GUANGZHOU - Guangdong, an economic power engine in southern China, is facing"bottlenecks" of resources, technology and talent for sustainable development after having led the nation in economic growth for 16 years in a row. (...)
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China to maintain 8-percent economic growth for 15 years
In the first 20 years of the 21st century, China's economy will grow at an average rate of about 8 percent, said Xu Xianchun, director of the Calculation Department of National Economy under the National Bureau of Statistics here Thu (...)
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Car firms gear up to end talks
Wrangling shareholders of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, a Sino-Korean car venture involving three firms, are expected to compromise soon with one agreeing to transfer part of its stake to another. Dongfeng Motor Corp, Chin (...)
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Strategy Management: Smoke versus Substance
Shanghai - After more than 30 years of consulting, I am increasingly sensitive to a measurement dimension I've never read about but continue to experience in the real world. It is the dimension of smoke versus substance. I can rate m (...)
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