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ASIA: "Thailand: Structuring an Appropriate Transfer Pricing Policy". 9-page review by Deloitte.

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February,  2006

The China Connection
The world's third hottest expat assignee destination (after the UK and US), China's economic turnaround post-1978 has been nothing short of impressive. With average real growth of more than 9% per year (and 13% during peak years), it (...)
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Beijing To Order Long Awaited Crackdown on Minor Players in Auto Industry
The Shanghai Daily said last week that the Chinese government has finally ordered a long-awaited crackdown on the raft of minor players in the auto industry, but while the Xinhua news agency picked up the report, no other Chinese med (...)
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Japan: Review of Taxation of Long-Term Japanese Expatriates
The Ministry of Finance has confirmed that as part of the 2006 Income Tax Reforms outlined this month there will be a review of the beneficial taxation regime available for individuals considered non-permanent residents of Japan. The (...)
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The Australian Automotive Industry
Summary A small automotive sector by world standards, Australia punches well above its weight in product development and exports. The automotive industry is one of Australia's key manufacturing sectors and an imp (...)
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“Automotive Assembly Parts” The Japanese Market Report by JETRO
Throughout the era of high economic growth, the Japanese automobile parts industry grew consistently. However, the collapse of the bubble economy saw the industry enter a downturn, and with competition in the automobile industry inte (...)
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India: Growth Plans
Aging infrastructure, low-cost competitors, and worker shortages could clip India's IT boom. Here's how the country's tech leaders are coping. Second of three parts in the Inside India series. At the World Econom (...)
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Housing in Shanghai
Understanding Shanghai's Rental Market Shanghai's downtown housing supply grows each year with more and more buildings popping up around town. For the newcomer it must seem overwhelming and many can't work out wh (...)
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Fit to be Thai
One of the most calming gestures I have ever come across in all my travels happened in a single moment just as I checked into a remote Phuket resort. When I arrived, I was about as frazzled as a business traveler (...)
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Business Wire enters into reciprocal relationship with Taiwan's Central News Agency
CNA Will Provide Direct Access to Taipei Media, Online, Academic, Government and Corporate Subscribers Business Wire announced a news distribution and commercial representation agreement with Tai (...)
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Hong Kong: Immigration Rules Set for Shake-Up
Hong Kong Immigration Director Lai Tung-kwok says that new immigration rules could give newly arrived foreign workers up to 12 months to find a job or start their own business in the city. Currently, foreign workers are r (...)
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Korea: KEB Card Meets Foreigners' Needs
Although the foreign community in South Korea has expanded in number rapidly, foreign residents have faced a number of difficulties in obtaining and using locally issued credit cards due to restrictive credit policies and language ba (...)
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Japanese Economy Remains Strong After Record 2005 Performance
Japan's economic recovery continued throughout 2005, delivering strong improvements in retail sales growth, industrial output, trade performance, and bank lending. Even more noteworthy, consumer and wholesale price statistics suggest (...)
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