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CHINA: "China’s Free Trade Agreements Unlocking the “Hidden” Cost Savings" report

CHINA: "China’s Free Trade Agreements Unlocking the “Hidden” Cost Savings" report. 5-page report by Ernst & Young.

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December,  2005

Becoming Chinese
How Japanese companies in China are struggling to bridge the cultural differences. He has a Japanese name, but he is actually an ethnic Chinese. Born and raised in Shanghai, Motosuke Higashiyama (...)
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The Five Biggest Myths About Doing Business in China
Myth: China Will Be The Next Economic Super Power Reality: Certainly the potential exists, but the jury is still out on whether China's economy can ever reach super power” status alo (...)
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China: CEOs Urge a Pragmatic Approach to Risk
SummaryChina is the ‘place to be” in Asia and the world's preferred destination for foreign direct investment. But exclusive research by Accenture among more than 200 CEOs confirms that the r (...)
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What's Next for China's Miracle?
Economist Hai Wen on the challenges ahead in maintaining the current momentum in coming years, from exports to health care. An economics-degree holder from the University of California, Davis, Hai Wen is a leading author (...)
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Sourcing From China–It's Not a Panacea
Recently, a colleague emailed me an intriguing article from the Detroit News entitled, China losing cheap labor allure…More U.S. companies find savings are drained by errors, shipping costs and engineering changes.” The article g (...)
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Understanding HR in China
What jobs? Where? Regional employment opportunities Employment opportunities in China depend very much on location. A comparison of the major coastal cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou cl (...)
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Succeeding in China - It's All About the Culture
It is common knowledge amongst expatriates working and living in China for a long time that more foreign businesses are doing badly than are outright successes. As the Chief Finance Officer of a popular American FMCG remarked to me l (...)
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China: Be careful what you ask for
Opportunity and risk are close companions It is nearly impossible today to identify an issue or trend in the automotive sector (or anywhere else, for that matter) that cannot, in some way, be tied (...)
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China. An Automotive Industry on the Verge
To glimpse the future of the automotive industry, look to China. The size and rapid growth of China's automotive market means that it will determine success or failure for manufacturers (...)
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Logistics Inside China: The Next Big Supply Chain Challenge
The opportunities and challenges for serving China's domestic market are enormous. The secrets to success are a reliable supply chain with trusted partners and reliable 3PLs that can navigate China's immature infrastructure and compl (...)
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Complying with PRC anti-bribery laws
A clarification of China's criminal and commercial antibribery statutes The problem of corruption in China is evident to many who operate there. On one hand, foreign companies are competing in a countr (...)
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Learn the Chinese language to strengthen China relationships
Capitalizing on global opportunities in the auto industry means having to communicate effectively with industry professionals and customers from many different cultures and languages. The surest way to gain clear understanding and build meaningful re (...)
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Managing China's HR Environment
The global view of China has increasingly become one of heightened interest, involvement and increased commitment. The Chinese market presents itself as one holding immense opportunities as well as poses several challenges. Today mul (...)
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