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ASIA: "The new wave Indian MSME - An action agenda for growth" report. 32-page report by KPMG India.

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March,  2006

Automotive and Components Market in Asia report
In the automotive world, all eyes are on Asia.  The region is taking an increasing share of global vehicle sales, and is the only major market expected to see strong growth over the next few years.  Asia also is displaying potential as a source (...)
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India's Hottest Jobs
India is growing fast. China is growing faster. Together they will account for more than a quarter of world GNP by 2025.That’s all old news. Yet why are India’s bosses more optimistic just now than China’s?Two recent data snaps (...)
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India becomes an international player
More deals expected from India in 2006The growing confidence of the Indian auto industry is expected to result in an acceleration of the internationalisation of the Indian auto industry in 2006. Supplier executives (...)
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Japanese Parts Makers’ Group To Teach Indonesian Suppliers Art of Die-Making
Hoping to cut costs, raise efficiency and give their suppliers a helping hand, Japanese parts makers and some Indonesian counterparts formed a new group that will set out to school local workers in the fine art of die-making, Nikkan Jidosha report (...)
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Why the Next Decade Will Be Neither Chinese Nor Indian
China and India are poised to be the next economic powerhouses of the world. However, according to Prabhu Guptara, Japan’s preeminence in robotic technology may require us to reconsider their economic potential. In this two-part series, he makes (...)
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The rise of China and its implications for the division of labor in Asia
Globalization has significantly hastened the process of catch-up in the Asian emerging markets over the past two decades. Dynamic economic development in the Far East reflects the Asian countries’ powerful international competitiveness and their (...)
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China Facing Serious Job Shortage
China's cities are facing serious employment problems with only 11 million new urban jobs expected to be created this year but 25 million people needing to find work, the government said Feb. 13. The National Development and Reform Commission, the (...)
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Shanghai Property Market Overview
Shanghai's office leasing market continued to strengthen in the last quarter of 2005. The Puxi area saw two new  Grade A projects, Platinum and Grand Gateway II. On the back of a vigorous economy and keen market demand, 2005 witnessed a sharp inc (...)
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Navigating the Visa Process in Asia-Pacific—A Guide for India, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China
When sending an employee abroad, it is essential to understand that each country has its own bureaucratic processes for applying for entrance. McCartney outlines those processes for three of the largest countries in the Asia-Pacific region with re (...)
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Country Profile: South Korea
As you may know, sharing meals has special meaning in Korea. Family members are called sikku... ku means ‘mouths’ and sik means ‘to feed.’ I am going to speak about my philosophy and the direction of my economic policy with you as if you w (...)
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Outsourcing Frontier: Yanks Need Apply
Indian companies that ''need some people with a more global, broader view'' have started to import workers from a new source of talent: the United States.Not content with siphoning jobs from the United States, India has started cherry-picki (...)
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Global Insight Raises China Growth Forecasts
China's average annual growth rate between 1993 and 2005 was apparently 10%, according to Beijing's recently upwardly revised statistics. That's caused Global Insight, a Waltham, Mass.-based economic forecasting firm, to boost its China growth for (...)
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The Siren Song of Technonationalism
South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk achieved world-wide fame last year when he published a paper claiming to have been the first scientist to create 11 patient-specific stem cell lines. He seemed on the brink of developing genomic technologies th (...)
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Our Take: Analyzing Aberdeen’s Take on Middle Market Sourcing
This is the first in a series of essays that I'll be writing on the state of Spend Management in the middle market. Since "middle market" is one of those loosely defined phrases, we’ll take a moment to plug in our simplified definition (...)
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