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CHINA: "Bending the rules: Addressing the Chinese machine tool market with 2 seperate brands" report

CHINA: "Bending the rules: Addressing the Chinese machine tool market with 2 seperate brands" report. 7-page report by InterChina Consulting.

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January,  2006

A Bigger Stick Against Chinese Fakes
A Beijing court ruling holds that a market owner is responsible for letting its vendors sell fakes, raising hope among companies stung by counterfeiters Beijing's bustling Silk Market hardly look (...)
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China Automotive and Components Market 2005
China's automotive sector has been on a rollercoaster ride. From heady growth in 2003 to handwringing over sluggish growth and price wars in 2004, the market has been anything but predictable. To date 2005 has been a relatively posit (...)
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Many hurdles ahead for supply chain development
Shanghai - Maybe up to five years ago China was seen as a sourcing ground but all now realize that China is a favourable market ground for manufacturing too. However, supply chain systems are hardly in place among most of the Chinese (...)
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The Expatriate in China
It is often assumed by automotive corporations investing in China that the explosive economic growth is being accompanied by the requisite increase in talented, well educated and mobile managers and senior executives who can readily (...)
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Practical tips for protecting intellectual property in China
Despite attempts to improve the intellectual property protection environment in China, worries about privacy and infringement inevitably top the list of concerns raised by foreign companies preparing to do business here. (...)
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Understanding HR in China
What jobs? Where? Regional employment opportunities Employment opportunities in China depend very much on location. A comparison of the major coastal cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou cl (...)
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China's total employment hits 760 million
China provided 9.7 million new jobs for urban residents in 2005, bringing the total employment population to 760 million, a spokesman with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security said in Beijing yesterday. By t (...)
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Shanghai to recruit 10,000 more overseas talents
Shanghai plans to employ another 10,000 "overseas talented professionals" in the coming two years to boost its development, a local official said Wednesday. The candidates are students from abroad with (...)
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China faces growing pressure of employment
23-year-old Du Xin idled the last day of the year 2005 in a dormitory of the Fudan University in Shanghai, waiting eagerly for possible employers to call and invite him to an interview. Du came to Shanghai, one o (...)
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Corporate Finance: Onward with the Party?
Yes, and ongoing reforms will bring stability and efficiency in capital allocation. That muffled chatter and clinking of champagne glasses that you hear from mainland China is the sound of subsid (...)
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Supply Chain Integration in China
Sourcing, manufacturing and distributing in China are becoming facts of life for an increasing number of manufacturing-based multinational companies (MNCs). It is, however, difficult for MNCs to understand how supply chain integratio (...)
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China now net exporter of cars
Geely, Chery lead the way; nation poised to become the world's biggest auto marketChina says it has become a net exporter of cars and trucks for the first time, with new Chinese competitors such (...)
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Learn the Chinese language to strengthen China relationships
Capitalizing on global opportunities in the auto industry means having to communicate effectively with industry professionals and customers from many different cultures and languages. The surest way to gain clear understanding and build meaningful re (...)
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Managing China's HR Environment
The global view of China has increasingly become one of heightened interest, involvement and increased commitment. The Chinese market presents itself as one holding immense opportunities as well as poses several challenges. Today mul (...)
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