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April,  2006

The New Face of Chinese M&A
At first, it’s hard to make sense of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in China. Some foreigners are enthusiastic while others are gloomy to the point of clinical depression. But look a little closer and a pattern emerges. The optimi (...)
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Indian Manufacturing in a Global Perspective
Setting the agenda for growthThe 2005 Summit on Indian Manufacturing Competitiveness aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities of global supply chain management in India and the secrets to the success (...)
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Taking the Lead
Globalization is forcing the Asian business world, long characterized by autocracy and rigid processes, to become more agile. It may have taken several decades to get here, but the promise of significant and sustainable growth in Asia is now more (...)
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China/Mexico tax treaty signed
A tax treaty between China and Mexico was recently signed. Of note:Withholding taxes Income Applicable rateDividend   - 5%Royalties   - 10%Interest   - 10%Maquiladoras (...)
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Automakers, Suppliers Drove Japanese Investment in China to New Record Last Year
Japanese direct investment in China soared 19.8% to a new record of $6.5 billion last year, and the heavy lifting was done by automakers and their suppliers, according to a new survey from the semiofficial Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro) (...)
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World Views: Achieving High Performance through Effective Global Operations
In today's well-connected world, global sourcing and manufacturing have become basic strategies for managing costs and a competitive necessity for achieving high performance.But as their economies grow, countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, an (...)
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The Great Global Talent Race: One World One Workforce
Global companies based in the developing world look much like their developed-world counterparts. They manage their employees with similar policies and pay practices. In this world of sameness, differentiating the employment brand requires a new f (...)
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Malaysia Reveals Revamped Auto Policy
Malaysia's new National Automotive Policy (NAP) has been rolled out, with advantages for both domestic and international manufacturers alike. The new policy will reduce the tax rate for ASEAN passenger car completely built units (CBUs) by 20% to 4 (...)
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Asia Pacific marks growth in EDA industry
Semiconductor and systems companies have traditionally been good at outsourcing areas that are not their core competencies. Among the first areas to be outsourced in the late 70s and early 80s were test and assembly which led to the growth of the (...)
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Vietnam nears end of WTO membership negotiations
GENEVA—Vietnam is close to finishing bilateral negotiations required for entrance into the World Trade Organization (WTO), said the country's chief negotiator Luong Van Tu last week.The remaining agreements are with the United States and (...)
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China's railways transport 316 million passengers in first quarter of 2006
China's railways saw a rapid growth in passenger and freight transport in the first quarter of 2006, with the total passenger flow hitting 316 million, 23 million more than during the same period last year.The Ministry of Railways on April (...)
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Hong Kong Slides Down List of Best Cities for Expats
An annual study by ECA International on expatriate living conditions in Hong Kong reveals that poor air quality and rising health risks are causing Hong Kong to lose its edge when it comes to attracting the best talent from around the world. (...)
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Asian demand drives air freight volumes, capacity expansions
Air freight buyers can expect to pay more for express services, especially in the Asian market, as demand spiked in late 2005, tightening available capacity for air freight. A recent report from the Seattle-based Air Cargo Management Group shows t (...)
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Asia CFOs: All Systems Go
Unfazed by inflation, Asia’s CFOs remain more optimistic than their counterparts in the US and Europe.Optimism among Asia’s CFOs remains stronger than that of their counterparts around the globe this quarter. E (...)
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Indian Supplier Report 2006
2005 saw the automotive supplier industry in India emerge much faster than many had expected on to the international stage. Comparisons have inevitably been made with the boom in China.On the one hand the domestic production of the Indian i (...)
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Asian Supplier Report
The rapid growth in vehicle assembly in many parts of Asia, most notably China and South Korea, is focusing increasing attention on the supplier base in the region. Local suppliers are becoming more prominent as OEMs seek to raise local content le (...)
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