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May,  2006

Overall Chinese Sales Climbed 37% From Year Ago in First Quarter
All the early predictions that the Chinese market would fall back to a normal growth pattern this year, seem to be out the window. The China Assn. of Automobile Manufacturers said 4/12 that first quarter sales of domestic vehicles shot up 36.9% fr (...)
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Toyota's success is stretching its staff
Bottom-line profits of pounds 5.7 billion. A cash pile of pounds 8.57 billion. A string of record sales stretching over seven years.With stats like that, it's hard to imagine anything that could rile Toyota, Japan's top car maker, which cou (...)
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China's Economy Unlikely To Overheat
China has reported gross domestic product growth of 10.2% for the first quarter. This was higher than the 9.9% growth rate recorded for all of 2005. It marks the tenth consecutive quarter in which China's economy has grown at a rate of 9% or more. (...)
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Background Checking Goes Global
U.S. companies operating overseas are increasing the demand for background checks for prospective employees in their overseas operations—a task that can be challenging given varying cultures and legal systems. American companies hiring wo (...)
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Chinese Businesses Among The Most Optimistic In The World
Chinese enterprises are among the most optimistic in the world, saying they are happy with the state of affairs and upbeat about prospects for the future, according to the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp (HSBC) survey.  Seventy percent of the (...)
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Capacity hits the Pacific—but is it enough?
Demand for ocean container shipping will remain strong, but as more capacity comes online, rates will slowly come down. Don't believe it? Ocean carriers reported collecting lower freight rates in their most recent quarterly financial statements, i (...)
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Land of the rising sun: Japan's economy is bouncing back
Michiho Kishi is showing me around Roppongi Hills, a 54-storey, US$2.2-billion complex in Tokyo complete with observation lounge boasting views of Mount Fuji, a contemporary art museum, an exclusive club where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, and (...)
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Organizing for Global Advantage in China, India, and Other Rapidly Developing Economies
This report sets forth the organizational practices and design principles of companies that are operating successfully in rapidly developing economies, particularly China and India. Whether global companies are currently engaged in sourcing, manuf (...)
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China's Shanghai-Jiangsu "Mega-Province" will be Asia's third Largest Economy by 2017
Analysis by the China Regional Service just launched by Global Insight, the world's leading company for economic and financial analysis and forecasting, shows China's "mega-province" of Shanghai and Jiangsu surpassing South Korea to beco (...)
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When a Saudi king makes his way to China
Welcome to the new economic world order.January’s first ever visit by a Saudi king to China is of historical importance and will have repercussions on geopolitics and global investment markets.In the long run, this spells real trou (...)
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Asia faces employment crisis that could lead to social chaos
Asia is heading towards an employment crisis that could lead to social breakdown and a rapid collapse in growth rates, the Asian Development Bank has warned."The outlines of an Asian employment crisis are already taking shape," If (...)
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Chinese people debate draft of labor contract law
China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), has received more than 190,000 suggestions since it released the draft of the labor contract law to the public on March 21.The suggestions focus on the (...)
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India Prime Minister: Flexible labour laws soon
To boost the manufacturing sector's growth to 12%. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said his government was making a big push in manufacturing, designed to boost the sector’s growth to 12 per cent with the help of supportive macr (...)
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Singapore best Asian city to live in
Singapore has overtaken Tokyo as the most attractive Asian city to live and work in, according to the latest global survey conducted by international human resources consultancy Mercer.The Republic climbed one spot from last year to 34th, r (...)
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