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ASIA: "India: February Sales Weaker Than Expectation, Downward Revision Likely" alert (Feb. 2014)

ASIA: "India: February Sales Weaker Than Expectation, Downward Revision Likely" alert. 3-page alert by LMC Automotive.

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June,  2006

When to make India a manufacturing base
India leads the market in offshored back-office services, but as a manufacturing center it lags behind China, Thailand, and the rest of Asia (Exhibit 1). The reasons are well documented: multinational companies operating in India must overcome err (...)
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Japan: Breaking with tradition
Be careful what you wish for.For more than a decade, political leaders and central bankers in North America and Europe harangued their Japanese counterparts to restructure the country's economy and inject stimulant (...)
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Is China's economy threatening U.S. jobs?
Some politicians and analysts claim that China’s rapid economic growth and its surging exports to the United States are depriving millions of American workers of jobs and threatening our living standards.Don’t believe them. China’s gr (...)
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Japan: M&A activities fuel the emergence of a competitive private equity sector
In Japan, the private equity industry is still in its infancy. The three most successful Japanese independent private equity firms (MKS, Unison Capital and Advantage Partners) began operations only around 1998. That was also the year in which Ripp (...)
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India: Pension regulatory law likely by August
NEW DELHI: The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) law may be in place by August, the Interim Pension Regulator, D. Swarup, said here on Saturday.Speaking at a forum organised by CNBC-TV 18 and ICICI Prudential Life, M (...)
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Thailand slips in global race for competitiveness: IMD
Thailand is not falling sharply. The point is that other countries are doing better. Stephane Garelli Professor, IMDIn the global race for prosperity, Thailand's competitiveness is increasing. But the bad news is other nations are moving fa (...)
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Protecting Intellectual Property for SMEs in Asia Pacific
Counterfeiters and intellectual property rights pirates are stealing billions of dollars from legitimate rights holders every year in the Asia-Pacific. This theft from the pockets of people ranging from computer programmers, musicians and research (...)
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China should cut barriers to foreign investment, says OECD
China should make the rules and regulations for cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) more open and transparent to attract more and better foreign investment, according to a new OECD report.Investment Policy Review of China 2006: (...)
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China's Draft Labor Contract Law and Implications for Workforce Management
China's rapid industrialization and urbanization, in addition to the country's surplus labor pool, led the government to revise existing employment and labor laws to give employees greater protections. The proposed changes include improved safegua (...)
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China and India: The Reality Beyond the Hype
It has become conventional wisdom that China is the biggest story of our time.  Now, as India goes through a similar process of integration into the global economy, it appears that the path that China and India follow will influence the global ec (...)
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Global innovation networks are settling in China and India
Developed economies like the US, Western Europe and Japan have traditionally led the world in terms of innovation. But while this remains true, significant RD efforts are rising in Asia's developing markets, most particularly in China and India. (...)
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Strategy Management: Creating the Path for Execution
Shanghai - The need to create an effective path for successful execution of the China strategy is a critical issue facing both foreign and Chinese organizations. These organizations face critical issues in executing their strategic intention to im (...)
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China: Export tax refund claims – restricted
Effective 1 March 2006, an exporting enterprise will not be eligible to applyfor an export tax refund/exemption where it:- provided parties, other than its appointed transportation, customs declaration or transportation agent, with bl (...)
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Korea: Tax changes – update
The government recently legislated the following tax changes:Substance over formInternational transactions must now meet substance over form rule requirements (previously applicable only to domestic transacti (...)
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