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EUROPE: "How Poland can become a European growth engine" review

EUROPE: "How Poland can become a European growth engine" review. 3-page review by McKinsey & Company.

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March,  2005

European car options lists spiral upwards
Great for consumers, logistical headaches for carmakers and dealers The number of optional specifications items available on passenger cars in Europe has increased dramatically according to new research (...)
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Making the most of your assignment
What is really being done? Maximizing the success of women on overseas assignments, part 2  Family Matters Partner satisfaction and overall fami (...)
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Can Europe Find Consensus on Reforming the Stability and Growth Pact?
Reform of the Eurozone's fiscal rulebook has dominated recent discussions of the European Union's regular monthly meetings of the Council of Economics and Finance Ministers (ECOFIN). This week's council meeting in Brus (...)
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Turkey: Seeking new export markets
Figures released for February finally bought some cheer to those worried by flagging Turkish export levels and the growing trade deficit. The good news also came while Turkey's top trade and political figures were on the road trying to boost exports (...)
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UK Government raises taxes on pension plans
The U.K. government has issued draft regulations increasing various levies, or taxes, on company sponsored pension plans. General levy The general levy is a tax on pension plans (...)
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Multinationals revising long-term incentive programs for executives outside the U.S.
U.S. multinationals are overhauling their long-term incentive (LTI) programs for non-U.S. executives. This is a departure from the recent practice of relying on LTI plan features that were uniform worldwide, with the same vehicle (...)
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Germany: Of future contracts and deflation spirals
Haggling over the details of Opel's so-called future contract went on until the very last moment. It is supposed to secure the plants in Ruesselsheim, Bochum and Kaiserslautern, Germany, until 2010. It should also give a new pe (...)
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Hungary: Labour market risk
Since Hungary passed a new law permitting foreigners to work in the country for three months at a time starting in 2002, an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 expatriates have landed jobs in Hungary, according to the Ministry of Economic (...)
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UK: Five year plan to revamp the work permit system
U.K. officials are planning to overhaul and simplify the country's work permit system, imposing new rules that favor highly skilled professionals and low-skilled workers from the European Union. The new, points-based syst (...)
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Morocco, The Automotive Gateway to Europe
Morocco is fast becoming a leader in automotive manufacturing. In the past five years, major automotive supplier companies from the U.S., Japan, and Europe have selected Morocco as their new manufacturing platform to serve their Euro (...)
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Planned German company tax reform
The most recent political debate in Germany once again focuses on a tax reform that would increase the attractiveness of Germany for investors. While details and timing of the reform are unclear, a reduction of the tax rate applied t (...)
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Board Insights 2004: What Europe's Directors Think
In the past three years, governance reform related to the structure and composition of boards, standards for independence, and transparency of financial disclosure have effected sweeping changes in corporate boar (...)
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