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EUROPE: "International Restructuring Study 2013 - "Europe's competitiveness" report. 46-page report by Roland Berger.

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May,  2005

Win some, lose some
The contrasting cases of Wella and Celanese illustrate the tricky nature of Germany's takeover code. In late February, at an analysts' conference in New York, Procter & Gamble's affable CEO, Alan A.G.” Lafley, wa (...)
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Tricks of the Trade—A physicals trader's approach to sourcing
Based on having spent twenty years of my career moving direct materials around the world on my account, I can honestly say that traders view the world differently from many procurement professionals. While I would not propose to anyone that a trader' (...)
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MG Rover becomes the first client for the Pension Protection Fund
The Pension Protection Fund became operational on 6 April, just in time to receive an application from the insolvent car manufacturer. Chris Newlands looks at how the scheme will operate and who will benefit from it. (...)
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The high tech promise of the East
Competitive labour rates, government incentives and proximity to rich markets are key factors luring high tech manufacturers to Eastern Europe. But there are major considerations. In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend fo (...)
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German economic recovery in jeopardy?
By mid-February 2005, there was ample evidence that German economic growth seemed on the verge of accelerating sharply from its slump in the second half of 2004. In December 2004, manufacturing orders had posted their biggest jump since German unific (...)
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Consumer spending keeps FDI in Russia on course
FDI levels are holding fast in Russia, despite the dip in overall foreign investment. After a decade of dithering, foreign direct investors are pouring money into Russia. Foreign investment surged between January and September 2004 t (...)
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Romania: Under Scrutiny
Despite clearing one of the final hurdles in the EU accession process on April 22 by signing the EU treaty, Romania's entry on January 1, 2007 is not yet etched in stone. This was brought home last week when Brussels called on the Romanian government (...)
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Region in Focus: Eastern Europe
East Europe is shaping up as the next frontier. Following the accession Central European states to the EU in May 2004, focus is moving to the boundaries beyond the EU. East Europe can provide the same combination of low-cost manufacturing and market (...)
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EU Employment: The New Frontier
While many predicted that a large portion of the Czech Republic's domestic workforce would leave for jobs elsewhere in the European Union once the country became a member of the E.U. in 2004, estimates currently put the number of Cze (...)
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