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EUROPE: "Business Destination Germany" report. 60-page report by KPMG.

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June,  2005

Volkswagen shifts its purchasing strategy
Bernhard contributes to focus on partnership and cost reduction Wolfgang Bernhard (CEO for the Volkswagen brand and responsible for technical development at the group) and Francisco García Sanz (G (...)
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Increasing Your Value: An Automotive Global Supply Approach
In today's increasingly transparent global markets, it's no longer a black science for outsiders (including customers) to predict the financial and operational performance of other organizations. Today, thanks to some new technologies which take exte (...)
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COMMENT: Auto 'Fascination' -- and hopes for the election
Exhibit builders will be working up a sweat to get automaker and supplier displays up for the IAA in Frankfurt, which starts Sept. 12. The IAA has added another press day to the event, presenting workers with a huge challenge. (...)
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International car makers continue to see the attractions of Eastern Europe
Slovakia has cemented its status as Central Europe's premier automotive hub, with Kia Motors (South Korea) finally beginning construction on its €1bn ($1.29bn) plant in Zilina. The deal, Slovakia's biggest foreign investment to dat (...)
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Germany: Salaries of managing director may be subject to VAT
In a recently published decision of 10 March 2005, the BFH decided a significant case on the classification of a managing director's activities of a limited liability company (GmbH) for VAT purposes. The remuneration of a managing di (...)
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Turkey: Saying 'Non'
Turkey's drive to join the European Union took two major blows at the end of May and beginning of June, thanks to events in Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Turkish currency and stocks fell in response, underscoring the country's dependence o (...)
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Waiting for the fruits of reform
Within the euro area, there is a growing sense that the fruits of economic reforms are taking too long to materialize. Calls are mounting for pro-active economic policies to encourage a quick and sustainable rise in domestic demand. (...)
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How are Export Managers automating processes to enhance operations?
Managing Exports magazine's recent survey on automation of export processes contains a wealth of data on how U.S. exporters coast-to-coast are utilizing software programs to gain a competitive edge. Our survey reveals which export so (...)
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Region in Focus: Eastern Europe
East Europe is shaping up as the next frontier. Following the accession Central European states to the EU in May 2004, focus is moving to the boundaries beyond the EU. East Europe can provide the same combination of low-cost manufacturing and market (...)
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