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EUROPE: "Poland: Chemical/Plastics Industry introduction" report

EUROPE: "Poland: Chemical/Plastics Industry introduction" report. 11-Page report by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

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August,  2005

VW's scandal means that Piech's days could be numbered
Germany's institutions are coming under attack ahead of the country's Sept. 18 election to choose a new federal government. And the Volkswagen group is at the center of the storm. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroe (...)
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Increasing Your Value: An Automotive Global Supply Approach
In today's increasingly transparent global markets, it's no longer a black science for outsiders (including customers) to predict the financial and operational performance of other organizations. Today, thanks to some new technologies which take exte (...)
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Hausbank doctor
Dresdner Bank's new priorities underline the changes that lie ahead for Germany's bank-company relations. Klaus Rosenfeld is the new face of German banking. It's not just that, at 38, he is easily the youngest finance (...)
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Nanjing Automobile's purchase of MG Rover IS significant
Asian M&A activity signals global, not regional ambitions It is easy to be dismissive of Nanjing Automobile's agreed purchase of the battered remnants of the MG Rover group for £50m last week. (...)
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Executive compensation: earnings rise 15% - is Europe catching up?
Executive pay in Europe rose 15% in 2004, although European CEOs continue to earn less than their U.S. counterparts, reports Paola Hjelt in Fortune magazine. L'Oreal CEO Lindsay Owen-Jones topped Fortune's annual compensation survey with (...)
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Morocco: Gateway to the Med
Morocco's prestigious new Tangier Med port has been grabbing headlines in the kingdom recently, as a major US agency offered a healthy grant for port security and a 10-year management contract was awarded. While Rabat hopes the new port facility will (...)
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New Equity Incentive Programs Gain Favor With Employers Around the World
In the U.S., Canada and the U.K., equity incentives -- especially stock options -- have been common practice among major employers for at least a decade. And in many other countries, especially the developed markets of continental Europe -- equity aw (...)
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Europe still no. 1 destination for foreign investors, while rampant China surges past the US
Western Europe still the most attractive economic zone for 63% of investors; Central and Eastern Europe increasingly viewed as a low cost” competitor for China, says Ernst & Young survey. Western Europe still remains the most a (...)
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France Loosens Labor Law to Help Firms
The French government approved new labor laws Tuesday making it easier for small companies to hire and fire, prompting angry reactions from trade unions. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and members of his government issued six n (...)
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Slovakia: In a Way, Execs Are Returning a Favor Done by Their Forebears
U.S. Steel has sent about 60 managers to Europe for relocation assignments lasting up to about three years since it first embarked upon a joint venture with Slovakia's VSZ mill in 1997. Managers on international (...)
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In the Fast Lane
Germany's car makers are at the center of its economy – and they mean to stay there. Chris Cordy reports on the German automotive industry. Germany's reputation for quality is inextricably bound up with its cars: all (...)
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