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EUROPE: "Unleashing Prosperity: Productivity Growth in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union"

EUROPE: "Unleashing Prosperity: Productivity Growth in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union". 295-page report by the World Bank. (File size is 3.06MB).

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November,  2005

European Automotive supplier finances: Gap between best and worst widens
Funding requirements are rising for suppliers as the demands place on them to globalize and to invest in new technologies increase. Medium sized suppliers in the second tier are increasingly being asked to move operations internation (...)
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Salary Hike 2006: Greener pastures in Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific
Looking for "greener" pastures? Try Eastern Europe or Asia Pacific – countries in these regions are increasing pay at the most rapid rate worldwide. Mercer's 2006 Global Compensation Planning Report f (...)
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Strong variance in the need for European countries' pension reform
A glance at pension systems in the EU shows them differing as least as much as economic developments in the various EU countries. Everywhere, however, latter-year trends point in the same direction, with fewer st (...)
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COMMENT: The Wolfsburg patient
Until very recently, one might understandably have had the impression that Volkswagen was gradually recovering from its difficulties. The handiwork of Wolfgang Bernhard, the new VW brand chief who had a track rec (...)
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Minis: A Nice Little Thing Going In Europe
A Ford of Europe-Fiat tieup may be just what's needed to perk up their small cars Only three weeks after General Motors Corp.'s acrimonious $2 billion divorce from Fiat was final in February, top (...)
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Leadership: cross-border training combats talent brain drain
Despite the growing mobility of talent, professional qualifications are often limited to national boundaries, writes Gill Plimmer in the Financial Times. A recent report criticized European universities for failing to ope (...)
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Insurance for emergency air evacuation can pay off
Travel agents Patricia and Robert Watson celebrated a very different kind of anniversary at a Connecticut restaurant Saturday night. Two years ago, Patricia was evacuated from Europe to New York by air ambulance (...)
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Turkey: Pitfalls to Europe
Brussels's latest progress report on Turkey has set Ankara some difficult homework, as the country begins an accession journey that is likely to be lengthy. There are many obstacles on the path to membership, both internally and exte (...)
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Nissan Is Considering Production in Russia Alone or Jointly With Renault
Nissan is considering a plan to follow Toyota into Russia by starting production either on its own or at a plant in the Moscow suburbs opened by parent Renault last spring, Nihon Keizai reported. The Renault plant makes the inexpensi (...)
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Why the Expat is Making Way for the Flexpat
Several trends have emerged involving expatriate employment, according to research from relocation company GMAC Global Relocation Services, that point to employees working in the capacity one day as flexpats. In its study (...)
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