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USA: "Logistics Trends Report - 2011"

USA: "Logistics Trends Report - 2011". 22-page report by Grubb & Ellis.

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July,  2005

Foreign makers, settled in South, pace car industry
By most accounts, the United States auto industry is in deep trouble. But don't tell that to the newest workers here in Alabama, where foreign carmakers are redefining the auto industry in America. Automakers from overseas first bega (...)
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The two sides of US manufacturing
After moving at a fast pace through much of 2004, there are signs that the US industrial sector is starting to cool. First, the recent Federal Reserve reports on industrial production have shown that manufacturing output has not grown for two consecu (...)
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Increasing Your Value: An Automotive Global Supply Approach
In today's increasingly transparent global markets, it's no longer a black science for outsiders (including customers) to predict the financial and operational performance of other organizations. Today, thanks to some new technologies which take exte (...)
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Council on State Taxation (COST) releases Ernst & Young's "Total State and Local Business Taxes"
This study presents a detailed state-by-state analysis of total state and local business taxes, and finds that businesses paid $447 billion in total state and local taxes in fiscal year 2004. This was 43 percent of total taxes collected by all state (...)
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Temp-to-Hire becoming a full-time practice
Temp-to Hire, or Try Before You Buy,” is becoming standard operating procedure for employers seeking more flexible workforces while they continue to await signs of full economic recovery. To many of its customers, the top assets of the (...)
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Many Expatriates, Many Voices: A Look Beyond the Assignees
It is not a secret that employees are but only one factor in the decision to take an assignment—it affects the entire family. But who should assume the responsibility to help ensure that employees are consulting their spouses/p (...)
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Tough times in North America means suppliers crave special executive talent
Delphi wants a turnaround titan. Who's on the short list? (Since this story was published, Steve Miller was named CEO of Delphi) The hardship facing most North American suppliers these (...)
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Feminization of the labor market
Labor market participation in the USA has been falling since 2001. Surprisingly, this is an almost exclusively male phenomenon, while women are far less affected by the sluggish labor market. One reason for this (...)
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Questions and answers on Machine Readable Passport requirements for all Visa Waiver Countries
Questions and AnswersQ: What is the Visa Waiver Program? A: If you are a national from a Visa Waiver Program-designated country, you are allowed to apply for admission to the United States (...)
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Supervisors who engage in discriminatory conduct may be individually liable under the Michigan Civil Rights Act
Employer (and agents) beware. In Elezovic v. Ford Motor Co., decided June 1, 2005, the Michigan Supreme Court held that an individual supervisor who engages in discriminatory conduct in violation of the Michiga (...)
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H-1Bs (visas) not going like ‘hotcakes'
Congress approved 20,000 new H-1B visas late last year in response to industry pressure, but only 6,400 visa petitions have been submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) since the agency began accepting applications on May 12. (...)
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