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EUROPE: "Automobile assembly and engine production plants in Europe"

EUROPE: "Automobile assembly and engine production plants in Europe". See list by MANUFACTURER.

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January,  2006

China in Czech?
UK car industry suppliers can't look forward to any relaxation of the competitive pressure from eastern Europe. John Dwyer reports from the Czech Republic The European car industry isn't drifting eastwards, it's (...)
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International flexibility – reap what you sow!
Anyone planning to set-up an operation in emerging markets such as Turkey, Russia or Slovakia has to answer the same fundamental question as if they are investing in Western Europe: who to place on top? But one factor which is often (...)
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The Road East
It used to be that when U.S. business people turned to the East for sourcing opportunities, they turned toward the Far East—China and India. Now, a growing number of companies are turning their compasses toward Eastern—and Centra (...)
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“Do What It Takes” vs. “Make No Mistakes”
How cultural differences between Germans and Americans affect the decision making and problem solving process in engineering and project development – two strategic functions for global success. Why aren't they (...)
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European Light Vehicle Capacity: Production Base Shifting East
Long-term growth opportunities and a favourable investment climate characterized by relatively low labour costs, infrastructure improvements and direct incentives among Central and Eastern European countries are reshaping the light v (...)
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European Union: ECJ Rules on Cross-Border Mergers of EU Companies
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued its decision in the SEVIC Systems case on 13 December 2005, a case involving a cross-border intra-EU merger. The ECJ concluded that provisions in the German Reorganization Code that limit th (...)
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Class War
European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy seems determined to bring about a one share/one vote regime in the EU. Success is unlikely. Charlie McCreevy is talking tough. In October, the combative Eur (...)
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Ukraine: New Frontier
Shortly after the EU rewarded Ukraine with the much-coveted market economy status last week, another bank acquisition helped further anchor Ukraine's image as Europe's newest investment frontier. As expected, on (...)
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France: Financial assistance to companies
A wide range of assistance is available to companies in France for many types of projects. The type of assistance on offer varies according to the project characteristics (production capacity, job creation, innovation, training, etc.), locations (pri (...)
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Why the Expat is Making Way for the Flexpat
Several trends have emerged involving expatriate employment, according to research from relocation company GMAC Global Relocation Services, that point to employees working in the capacity one day as flexpats. In its study (...)
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