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NORTH AMERICA: "Managing Financial & Commercial Risks in Trade Transactions" presentation

NORTH AMERICA: "Managing Financial & Commercial Risks in Trade Transactions" presentation. Slide presentation by Craig Larsen, Huntington Bank.

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August,  2005

Consolidation to Accelerate Amongst Lower Tier (U.S.) Suppliers
The automotive industry is facing intense competitive pressure on a global scale, which is translating into severe pressure on the North American vehicle supply chain, even as vehicle sales and economic growth in the region remain strong. (...)
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Ontario: Keys to Success
Those in charge of encouraging development in Ontario sound like proud corporate executives when they declare that the province's biggest asset is its people. "Our key ingredient to success is our work force," says Robin Ga (...)
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Grade Deflation: Looking for a U.S. state with a business-friendly climate?
Start with Alabama. It's 8th, 16th, 25th or 46th best, depending on whether you're consulting the Small Business Survival Index, the State Business Tax Climate Index, the Economic Freedom Index or the Competitiveness Index. Then ther (...)
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Employer's take note of expanded reporting requirements under the Labor Management Reporting & Disclosure Act
What's reportable conduct? Employers should be aware that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is expanding its enforcement of Section 203 of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosu (...)
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Out of Exile
The tax cut on foreign earnings only seems restrictive. But some companies remain wary. Like other multinationals, Dell Inc. has amassed an impressive pile of overseas cash: $4.1 billion, to be exact. That hasn (...)
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Some Employers Linking Employee Premiums to Health Screening Programs
At a time when most employers are seeing sharp health care cost increases, Westell Technologies slashed its costs. As more employers require employees to take greater financial responsibility for their own health care as part of the (...)
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Demystifying U.S. Import Classification
Classification is a topic that can confuse even the most experienced international trade professional. An importer's interpretation of the ultimate use of a product may differ from its use as identified within the rules and regulations es (...)
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Logistics and Transportation Play Part in Financial Compliance of Corporations
The top corporate officer's seat may seem like a long distance away from the day-to-day operations of the supply chain manager, but that's changing as federally mandated financial compliance requirements increasingly permeate American corporations. (...)
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Questions and answers on Machine Readable Passport requirements for all Visa Waiver Countries
Questions and AnswersQ: What is the Visa Waiver Program? A: If you are a national from a Visa Waiver Program-designated country, you are allowed to apply for admission to the United States (...)
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