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February,  2006

Eastern Europe's supply base starts to evolve
It may take awhile, but Eastern Europe will eventually become a viable source for electronic components and other production materials. Many OEMs and electronics manufacturing services providers already have manu (...)
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Health Policy — The German Way
Can industrialized countries afford their increasingly expensive health care systems? Ulla Schmidt, Germany's federal minister of health, believes that they can — if they go about it smartly. In this Globalist Document, she outline (...)
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“Do What It Takes” vs. “Make No Mistakes”
How cultural differences between Germans and Americans affect the decision making and problem solving process in engineering and project development – two strategic functions for global success. Why aren't they (...)
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Can Europe ever escape mass unemployment?
In theory, European unemployment will start falling in a meaningful, if not dramatic, manner this year as companies start to invest in manpower again after years of layoffs and hiring freezes to protect profits. (...)
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Czech Republic: CSSD wants to boost foreign investments through immigration
The senior ruling Social Democrats (CSSD) want to enhance foreign investments in the Czech Republic through an influx of qualified foreigners, they promise in their draft election platform. The general election i (...)
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Corporate governance in Turkey: Light at the end of the tunnel
As defined by James Wolfensohn, ex-president of the World Bank, corporate governance is about promoting corporate fairness, transparency and accountability.” Good corporate governance is normally recognized as a major contributor t (...)
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Turkey: A Place in the Sun
In line with Turkey's drive to attract foreign capital and investment, the adoption of a law one month ago allowing foreigners to buy property in Turkey has received much applause from local expatriates and would-be holidaymakers. De (...)
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How Hungary Competes to Win
Economy minister cites infrastructure and work force as keysHungarian Minister of Economy and Transport János Kóka is injecting a large dose of private-sector thinking into his nation's governm (...)
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Independent expert group urges Europe's leaders to take radical action on research and innovation “before it is too late”
In a final report submitted to the European Commission today, an independent Expert Group has called for a Pact for Research and Innovation to be signed by political, business and social leaders to show their commitment to creating a (...)
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Boom Time Seen for Outsourced Logistics Business
Enterprise expenditure on 3PLs set to increase significantly, but service providers must understand factors driving outsourcing trend - Datamonitor Business looks set to boom for third-party logistics pr (...)
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German Companies Facing Higher Pension Reserve Requirements
Many plan sponsors in Germany are facing higher pension reserve requirements following the publication of new actuarial tables that show an increase in life expectancy. The updated Heubeck tables, which cover rat (...)
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Warning to British firms as India's UK investment rises
More than 50 years after it gained independence, India is starting to loosen Britain's financial sway over its former colony. Kamal Nath, the Indian Commerce and Industry Minister, said yesterday that his country (...)
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