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EUROPE: "EU: Commercial vehicles registrations drop 32.4% in 2009"

EUROPE: "EU: Commercial vehicles registrations drop 32.4% in 2009". 7-page press release with graphs and details by ACEA.

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March,  2006

Electronics industry eyes Eastern Europe
Eastern europe is emerging as an alternative to China for electronics manufacturing. And, as electronics manufacturing services providers (EMS) build a supply base there, OEM buyers may soon follow.Labor rates in Eastern Europe may not be a (...)
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Of Tigers, Dinosaurs and Gazelles: Defining competitive business models for manufacturers in the New Europe
Central Europe is unique among emerging markets. Its sixteen countries vary widely in terms of size, population and economic development. And although not every country in the region has managed entry into the European Union the expectation is mos (...)
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CEE Opportunities for OEM Suppliers: Supporting your start-up
Central & Eastern Europe – the new growing hub of the automotive industry in EuropeThe automotive sector is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the CEE region, primarily due to the significant amo (...)
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Logistics finds its center in Eastern Europe
Following the enlargement of the European Union in 2004, Central Eastern Europe (CEE) has become a major hot spot for U.S. and Western European investors and logistics providers. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (...)
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The Case for Europe’s Economic Conservatism
Many U.S.-based commentators are currently writing off Europe as demographically declining, without viable growth — and no future really. Martin Hutchinson explains why the current wave of gloating in the United States may prove premature — an (...)
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February European car sales
Summary* Sales in February were up 2.2% over the same month in 2005, as the market continued to benefit from less post-incentive payback than a year earlier.* Over the last three months the average selling rate is on (...)
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Germany: Industrial upswing in train
All in all, German industry made a strong start to the year, confirming the economic optimism already flagged by the sentiment indicators. And the upward revision of production figures for the end of last year puts the growth expectations for this (...)
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Skills Required for Global Project-Team Managers
Successful local project-team managers are not necessarily successful at managing global project teams. In fact, a recent survey conducted by DNL Global Inc., a human-capital management consultancy firm, found that out of every 10 experienced proj (...)
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Belgium Relaxes Ban on East European Labour
While Belgium's labor market is officially still closed to Eastern Europeans, the back door is opening up, according to the De Standaard newspaper Web site. Firms with openings for vital jobs that are not able to locate any Belgian candidat (...)
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Czech Republic: Expat Waiting Game Over?
A new law in the Czech Republic will allow expatriates to obtain a permanent residency permit after five years of living in the country. Currently, foreigners in the Czech Republic must wait at least 10 years before becoming eligible for the permi (...)
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EU says: Don't Block Employee Mobility
European Commission called Wednesday (FEB 8) for an end to restrictions on the movement of workers within the European Union, arguing that old EU members who open their labor markets will not face an influx of migrants.Only three of the 15 (...)
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Owning a car costs German drivers at least EUR 311 a month
German drivers have to spend at least EUR 311 in monthly ownership costs, according to research by the country’s motoring organisation ADAC involving 100 models offering the most favourable ownership cost comparison in 10 different market segmen (...)
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The Rising Tide of Road User Charging in Eastern Europe
Charging vehicles for using particular sections of highways is not a new concept, but, in recent years, the increasing flow of traffic throughout Europe has made road user charging increasingly necessary .As a result of traffic congestion and risi (...)
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Poland: Competitive edge
Ahead of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce conference next month on the economic situation in Poland, CEO Martin Oxley outlines why Poland is such a promising market for foreign investors.Martin Oxley wants to see more foreign investor (...)
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Global Companies Relying More On Short-Term Business Travelers, But Not Without Headaches: Deloitte Tax Survey
Risk, tax and compliance challenges abound; opportunities arise for tax and human resources departmentsGlobal companies prefer short-term assignments over traditional long-term expatriate engagements, according to (...)
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