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USA: "Alert: The UAW’s Organizing Campaign at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee Plant" report

USA: "Alert: The UAW’s Organizing Campaign at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee Plant" report. 6-page report by Butzel Long.

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November,  2005

GM: Bracing for a Crash?
With its market share approaching 20%, tired brands, and a focus on gas-guzzling SUVs, the auto giant's skid isn't over yet General Motors' domestic market share fell to the lowest level on record in October, to (...)
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U.S. Skilled Worker Shortage: It's Time To Fix The Kitchen Sink
Census data show that manufacturers that don't invest in employees will have higher turnover rates -- at a time when skilled employees are becoming scarcer. U.S. manufacturers seem to be treating the skilled labo (...)
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U.S. 2005 Rankings Report: Concentrated Automotive Power
Traditional states have been joined by a few Southeastern states in our measurement of automotive influence. Following on last year's Automotive Power Centers rankings, we tweaked the ranking criteria a bit to re (...)
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CEO Search: talent shortage forces firms to hire industry outsiders
The shrinking CEO talent pool is forcing companies to look outside their industry for top candidates, reports Wallace Immen in The Globe and Mail. In many searches today, boards are looking for people with fresh approache (...)
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Trade Secrets - What Companies Should Do To Protect Them
DETROIT – What are trade secrets under Michigan law and what should companies do to protect them? Phillip Korovesis, a shareholder in Butzel Long's Detroit office, who chairs the firm's Non-Compete and Trade Se (...)
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Battles Wax and Wane in the 'Permatemp' Wars
Companies largely are steering clear of trouble, but legal action against FedEx Ground and Hewlett-Packard shows that important issues have not been laid to rest. Jennifer Miller was about as permanent a temp as (...)
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Ontario Paper Says Honda May Be Looking To Build Plant Along the 401 West of Toronto
The London, Ont. Free Press greeted Toyota's ground breaking at nearby Woodstock last week with an article that suggested Honda is also shopping for a site in the area west of Toronto, along the 401 freeway that runs to Windsor and D (...)
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Auto sector leads in investment; Michigan No. 2 state in project valuation
Amid the doom and gloom in the auto industry following Delphi Corp.'s bankruptcy filing, there was good news for the region. The auto sector led the U.S. in major capital-investment projects begun in 2004, and Michigan ranked second (...)
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Employee Compliance
American Express has just completed a poll of 250 financial executives showing that employee compliance will be an increasingly important concern in 2006. Mid-sized companies in particular don't have a good handl (...)
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CANADA: Toyota may double output, boost hiring at new plant
Ontario facility may turn out 200,000 vehicles WOODSTOCK, ONT. -- Toyota Motor Corp. is already preparing to double output at its new plant in Woodstock, Ont., to 200,000 vehicles a year and boost employ (...)
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Succession planning is no longer just for CEOs
Stringent requirements call for new approach to board search Over the past five years, board recruitment has evolved in many ways in the United States. Driven by the collision of an increasing demand for highly q (...)
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BusinessWire expands, helps automotive suppliers gain access to Canada media
Business Wire Gains Exclusive Access to Newsroom Editorial Systems at Some 700 Leading Media via Canadian Press ("CP"), Canada's Only National News Agency Business Wire is benefiting from its longstandi (...)
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