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EUROPE: "The narrowing European pay gap"

EUROPE: "The narrowing European pay gap". Sample review sheet by Federation of European Employers.

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April,  2006

Automotive Manufacturing in Western Europe Under Threat?
Automotive industry making inroads into Eastern Europe and ChinaSoon, one in two western European suppliers will be operating in eastern Europe or China.  Just under 40 percent are already running their own production plan (...)
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Hyundai Says It Agrees To Build $1.2 billion Czech Plant by 2008
Hyundai senior Vice President Kim In-seo told reporters in Prague last week that his company reached an informal agreement to invest about $1.2 billion in a new 300,000-a-year Czech assembly plant.Kim said the new unit, to go online in 2008 (...)
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Are you Linguistically Legal for European Business?
Vegetarian chicken curry. That is what I read on a menu whilst on one of many of my global travels!  Do I get a vegetarian chicken, a vegetarian curry with some chicken thrown in or a chicken curry with vegetables? If I were allergic to ch (...)
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German and English Speakers on the Rise Due to EU Enlargement
A new European Commission study has shown that EU enlargement is pushing German ahead of French on the European language ladder, with non-indigenous languages such as Russian and Turkish also on the rise."With the enlargement of the EU (...)
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European Driving License Well Underway
By 2032 Member States Will Be Required to Replace National LicensesEU transport ministers have given the go ahead on a proposed directive creating a European driving license. The European Parliament has already approved the (...)
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How Europe's banks should prepare for payments reform
* The creation of the European Union's proposed Single Euro Payments Area will shake up Europe's banking industry, threatening the profitability of established banks and opening the door to new competitors.* A study of European banks' payme (...)
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March European Car Sales
Summary• The seasonally adjusted annualised selling rate for March stood at 14.8mn units/year, the incentive spike seen a year earlier not so evident one year on.• The selling rate in Germany picked up, although (...)
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Europe: Hyundai Group’s Ambitious Growth Plans
The European light vehicle market has always been intensely competitive. It is going to be even more so as model ranges are expanding, premium brands are moving into lower categories, and new value” brands are challenging traditional mainstream (...)
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German roads 56 times safer
Germany this week marked the 100th anniversary of national statistics on road traffic with new figures demonstrating that — despite a massive increase in traffic — driving today is much safer than it was a century ago.Driving is safer t (...)
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Employers in Europe vow to combat protectionism
Europe’s employers said on Friday they would take a more assertive stance against protectionism and anti-business rhetoric.Unice, which groups 39 national employers’ federations, declared after a meeting in Paris that Europe’s slow ec (...)
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English, s’il vous plaît
Pity the French finance chief. Controlling overhead costs just doesn’t seem to be getting easier. Bills are soaring as companies selling all sorts of services—from legal advice to auditing—find ways of cashing in on the onslaught of new loca (...)
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What Spouses Relocating to Europe Really Want!
Inadequate spousal support frequently is cited as one of the top reasons why assignments fail. Bar-Pereg and Houston Kelley analyze how this issue is affecting transfers into and throughout Europe.It is possible that many transferees readin (...)
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German cabinet adopts draft law implementing European Takeover Directive
On 15 February 2006, the German government adopted a draft law implementing the European Directive on Takeover Bids. The directive applies to takeover bids for voting securities of companies governed by the laws of a Member State if those securiti (...)
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On the record: PSA Peugeot Citroën’s Yann Delabrière
Incorporating two of the grand old names of French motoring, PSA Peugeot Citroën has hit a rough patch lately. In February, the French car maker issued its third profit warning in a year. This followed the day after it announced that 2005 sales w (...)
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