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USA: "New Materials/New Skills for Automotive Skilled Trades" report. 26-page report by Center for Automotive Research.

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January,  2006

Analysts: Big 3 Market Share Erosion Will Continue
Asian automakers expected to report healthy gains in January sales DETROIT -- Analysts predict Asian automakers will continue to gain U.S. market share this month despite General Motors Corp.'s d (...)
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Let the Fireworks Begin
Whether consolidating or expanding, carmakers in North America examine the options between 'one-stop shop' and 'close up shop.' Auto makers in North America continue to bemoan the burden of competition: "In (...)
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Successful Mergers Start Here: Tips on Facing Four Important M&A Challenges
Planning and Communication Are Key to Success Today's merger & acquisition environment is defined by constant change, requiring a heightened level of commitment, creativity and responsiveness (...)
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The New Wave of Merger & Acquisition Action: More and Bigger Deals Are on the Rise
5 Minutes with Alan Alpert Strategic buyers are back after a few years' hiatus and private equity (PE) groups are bigger and stronger than ever before. We asked Alan Alpert, the leader of Deloitt (...)
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Ontario Creates Advanced Manufacturing Investment Strategy
Economic Development and Trade Minister Joseph Cordiano has announced a new $500 million repayable loan program. Ontario's Advanced Manufacturing Investment Strategy will work with industry partners to develop and put in place leadin (...)
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Cross-Border Trade
U.S. border towns are growing by leaps and boundaries as companies seek strategic locations to leverage NAFTA benefits. After years of debate about the impact of free trade agreements on the United States' trade (...)
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U.S. Planes, Trains, Trucks, and Autos
U.S. producers of rail freight cars and commercial trucks did well in 2005, and aircraft-maker Boeing had a banner year, reporting record orders. On the other hand, the Big Three automakers had another rough year, dependi (...)
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NAM 2006 Economic Forecast Concludes High Energy Prices Are Curbing Expansion
Chief Economist Says Soaring Natural Gas Prices Pose Critical Challenge to Manufacturing High winter heating bills will continue to suppress consumer spending in the first quarter of 2006, result (...)
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Driving Canada's Engine of Growth
FOREWORD Why Support the Auto Sector? The auto industry is Canada's largest manufacturing industry by far. In fact, the original equipment supply industry by itself is Canada's largest manufa (...)
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U.S. Fills Its Latest Quota Of H-1B Visas For Foreign Workers
The United States has filled 20,000 slots for foreign workers with advanced degrees from U.S. universities. The United States has used up the 20,000 H-1B visas it set aside for foreign workers who earned a master (...)
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Partnership Pays Off
NUMMI 'experiment' today employs 5,000; produces Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Corolla, Tacoma. It was 1984, and Toyota entered into a joint venture with General Motors to test the dramatic potential o (...)
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BusinessWire expands, helps automotive suppliers gain access to Canada media
Business Wire Gains Exclusive Access to Newsroom Editorial Systems at Some 700 Leading Media via Canadian Press ("CP"), Canada's Only National News Agency Business Wire is benefiting from its longstandi (...)
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Globalization: As economic borders come down, cultural borders go up
International Speaking PackageMore than 95% of your potential clients are living in foreign countries. To be successful and survive in a global marketplace, culture must be managed like any other aspect o (...)
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