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May,  2006

Europe, short on manufacturing, shifting to design
European angst over the exodus of electronics manufacturing to China and the rest of Asia is shortsighted and fails to recognize Europe’s real strength as an emerging leader in electronics design and product innovation.Europe’s traditio (...)
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4 Hours a Day, 3 Days a Week
European labor markets are encrusted and sclerotic, right?  Tell that to Jean-Pierre Lemonnier.Mr. Lemonnier is out in front on a seismic shift in the way Europeans work, one that is provoking the rapid decline of the traditional full-time (...)
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Spotlight on Russia: A World of Opportunity
With its burgeoning consumer demand, strong economic growth, strategic location and huge investment opportunities, the Russian deal market has taken off. Cross-Border Transactions: Spotlight on Russia and CIS provides an overview of opportunity se (...)
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'Poison pill' defense kept alive in EU
The European Union is set to enact a less-restrictive law that would leave in place "poison pills" and other defenses against hostile corporate takeovers.EU countries were due by Saturday to enact the legislation after a compromis (...)
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Germany braces for sharp VAT hike
The rate of value-added tax (VAT) in Germany looks set to rise to 19% from the beginning of 2007. The lower house of Germany's parliament approved the 3% hike - which would be its biggest tax increase since World War II. The move is e (...)
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Corporate governance in Poland
Political pressures overshadow efforts to achieve transparencyEver since Poland began its transition to a market economy more than a decade ago, the country has been recognized for its efforts to establish a first- (...)
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Corruption reigns in Czech Republic
PRAGUE: In setting up his promotion company in the Czech Republic, Tomas did not think twice about paying his first bribe.The young Czech was registering a car he bought for his new business and slipped 200 crowns ($NZ13.68) among documents (...)
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Europe better than its reputation
"Europe is better than its reputation. But Europe is currently not good enough. Europe can and must do better," was the way Chancellor Angela Merkel outlined her thinking on the EU's current situation. Merkel gave a speech on May (...)
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Eurozone GDP Growth Improves to 0.6% in Q1
Eurozone GDP growth picked up to 0.6% quarter-on-quarter and 2% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2006, from 0.3% q/q and 1.8% y/y in the fourth quarter of 2005.Global Insight PerspectiveSignificance (...)
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Romania: Sweeping Privatisation
News came this week that the Romanian government plans to issue a list of 39 companies and research institutions that will be privatised as the state pushes on towards European accession and economic reform. The privatisation of these firms (...)
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Entry to Czech Land Registry takes 123 days
It takes an average 123 days in the Czech Republic to buy real estate and enter it in the Land Registry, which is one of the longest times compared with advanced countries, according to statistical data from the World Bank for 2005 published by th (...)
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Markets booming, but jobs disappear
Recent rises in the number of people out of work have got economists worried - and some blame the UK's woes on the influx of east European workersIn the sunny Square Mile last week, as Mervyn King delivered his lat (...)
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Slovenia for Accords with Austria, Italy on Free Labor Movement
Most of the EU15 states were expected to continue their restrictions on the free movement of workers from the EU accession states at the beginning of May, with Finland, Spain, and Portugal being the only three expected to lift their two-year limit (...)
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Automotive Manufacturing in Western Europe Under Threat?
Automotive industry making inroads into Eastern Europe and ChinaSoon, one in two western European suppliers will be operating in eastern Europe or China.  Just under 40 percent are already running their own produc (...)
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