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USA: "Autos: US Sales Remain Strong in April" (2014) report

USA: "Autos: US Sales Remain Strong in April" (2014) report. 6-page report by BAIRD.

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February,  2006

Solving Specialized Recruiting Problems With Niche Staffing
Specialized jobs may be hard to fill or require unique expertise, but with few internal resources to meet challenging recruiting demands, many companies are finding that partnerships with niche staffing suppliers keep the bottom line moving in the (...)
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Nissan Replaces Medical Insurance for Medicare-Eligible Retirees With Stipend
Showing a path the Detroit automakers might have taken to avoid the financial pitfalls they now face, Nissan announced it will stop providing medical insurance for blue collar retirees, and convert its pension program for new hires to a defined co (...)
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As Detroit Slashes Car Jobs, Southern Towns Pick Up Slack
Long-time industrial strongholds such as Michigan are losing manufacturing jobs as the U.S.’s auto industry struggles to compete. But massive job cuts by Detroit have overshadowed an important change in U.S. manufacturing. Asian and European aut (...)
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Will There Be A Detroit Tomorrow?
The U.S. auto industry has been much in the news lately, but the focus has been on layoffs, plant closings and financial woes. Yet it is wrong to paint the domestic manufacturers with the same brush. Let's start with American Chrysler. Yes, (...)
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Skills Required for Global Project-Team Managers
Successful local project-team managers are not necessarily successful at managing global project teams. In fact, a recent survey conducted by DNL Global Inc., a human-capital management consultancy firm, found that out of every 10 experienced proj (...)
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North America: The rising crossover tide
The recent rise of crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) in the North American market closely mirrors the increase in popularity of the SUV throughout the 1990s. However, with the proliferation of new model introductions over the next 24 months, the C (...)
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Now Detroit does not like free trade with Thailand
Last week, Stephen Collins, President of the Automotive Trade Policy Council, said: "When the U.S. sits down with their Thai counterparts, it is not Thailand alone asking for U.S. automotive tariffs to be reduced -- it is the Japanese auto in (...)
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Auto sales should be up this month, analysts say
Credit goes to heavy advertising, new models, Asian automakers' strengthDespite a major blizzard, February auto sales should be up over last year thanks to heavy advertising, a blitz of new products and the continued strength of As (...)
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Engineering Lives On In The U.S.: Panel
The need for engineers won't die anytime soon, a panel of vendors said this week. One factor that's helping: the cost differential of salaries here vs. overseas is shrinking.Doomsday scenarios and hysterical predictions about (...)
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Grubb & Ellis 2006 Real Estate Forecast
Tenant and Investor Demand Should Keep Markets Healthy, But Risks Loom.  The Metro Detroit Market is Expected to Show a Modest Improvement.Grubb & Ellis Company, one of the leading providers of integrated real estate serv (...)
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Cutting Phone Costs Abroad
Think your mobile calling plan is the cheapest around for keeping salespeople in touch when traveling abroad? You may be throwing valuable dollars in the trash. In fact, your salespeople may have a cheaper option for calling home from foreign coun (...)
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CEOs Fret Over America's Workforce
Is the American worker falling behind?  The chief executive officers of some of America's top companies seem to think so. Seven of them, including Pfizer's Hank McKinnell, Texas Instrument's Richard Templeton and Accenture's William Green, gather (...)
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Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing: California Dreaming
The entrepreneurial spirit struck Gene Haas at the machine-tool industry's lowest point -- the 1980s. The Japanese were going head-to-head with the U.S. on price -- and winning. Scores of U.S.-based machine-tool manufacturers closed shop. Gene Haa (...)
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Employers Expect Rate of Increase in Health Benefit Costs to Slow in 2006
For the fourth consecutive year, the increase in the cost of providing health care benefits to U.S. workers slowed as companies stepped up their efforts to control rising costs, according to the results of a forthcoming survey conducted by Watson (...)
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SAE courts foreign engineers for Detroit conference
Growing globalization of auto industry signals climb in attendance at the 2006 World Congress.After a slump of several years and despite the woes of Detroit's auto industry, organizers of the Society of Automotive Engineers' 2006 W (...)
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The Tragedy of General Motors
The Detroit giant is a weird, scarred combination: a carmaker doing poorly, and an insurance company engulfed by its obligations. It's heading for a wreck -- which is why CEO Rick Wagoner has the toughest job in business.It is the instincti (...)
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