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USA: "Proposed roadmap for mandatory IFRS filings by U.S. public companies"

USA: "Proposed roadmap for mandatory IFRS filings by U.S. public companies". 4-page review by KPMG.

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April,  2006

Alabama's automotive industry shifts into high gear
While General Motors and Ford are laying off thousands of workers and closing dozens of plants, the automotive industry in Alabama is expanding.   In addition to a thriving industry, foreign carmakers Hyundai and Honda, which have manufacturing (...)
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America for Sale
Foreign firms are buying U.S. companies at the fastest clip in five years, creating concerns on Capitol Hill.Once again, foreigners are heeding the call to "Buy American." Acquisitions of U.S. companies by foreign firms rose 27 pe (...)
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Executive compensation: shareholder pressure curbs U.S. pay rises
Despite record profit growth among U.S. companies, executive pay rises slowed sharply in 2005, according to The Corporate Library, an independent corporate governance watchdog. The earnings of U.S. corporate bosses increased by 11 percent in 2005, (...)
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The Future Success Of (U.S.) Small and Medium Manufacturers
Challenges and Policy IssuesFree NAM report profiles landscape for small and midsize U.S. manufacturersA new, freely available 60-page report underscoring the important role small and midsiz (...)
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SAE courts foreign engineers for Detroit conference
Growing globalization of auto industry signals climb in attendance at the 2006 World Congress.DETROIT -- After a slump of several years and despite the woes of Detroit's auto industry, organizers of the Society of Automotive Engineers' 2006 (...)
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Engineering Increasingly Outsourced
Twenty-nine percent of companies are outsourcing one or more new product development and introduction (NPDI) processes, according to a new survey released by AMR Research.The survey went on to discover that another 41 percent of companies a (...)
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Illegal Immigration Debate Has Many Sides
The immigration debate is a fractious one. As Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee consider immigration legislation offered by Committee Chair Sen. Arlen Spector (R-PA) that would allow some of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens current (...)
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Michigan’s Minimum Wage is increasing on October 1
As a follow-up to our advising you earlier this month about the pending legislation, we can report that today Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law an amendment to Michigan's Minimum Wage Law which will increase the state minimum wage to $7.4 (...)
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Ford: The Right Way Forward
Beyond job cuts and plant closures, Ford Motor Co. has revealed few details about its ambitious workforce restructuring plan. What's known, however, is the automaker has a tough road ahead as it tries to overhaul its U.S. operations--and that half (...)
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Will Canada-India trade blossom?
India is much in the news lately, as it comes into its own as a full participant in the globalisation phenomenon. But what role will Canada play in all this? India is rapidly becoming a serious market for Canadian companies, with goods expo (...)
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U.S. Files Trade Case Against China Over Auto Parts
The Bush administration said Thursday that it is filing a trade case against China before the World Trade Organization in a dispute involving American auto parts.The 25-nation European Union joined in the complaint, which alleges that China (...)
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Wanted: Auto workers
Alabama is experiencing high demand for automotive technicians as its car manufacturing industry growsJust call us New Michigan.Alabama’s automotive manufacturing industry continues to grow, employing near (...)
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Condescension, Loud Talk Are Major Office Peeves
American office workers would like some of their colleagues to kindly put a sock in it. According to a survey, fully 91 percent of employed adults think profanity is unacceptable in the workplace.The survey on workplace etiquette ind (...)
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2005 Skills Gap Report – A Survey of the American Manufacturing Workforce
In coordination with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute/Center for Workforce Success, Deloitte Consulting LLP on November 22, 2005, launched The Skills Gap 2005 – A Survey of the American Manufacturin (...)
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Delphi lowers the boom, filing downsizing plan
Auto supplier wants to close 21 factories and void union contracts, facing strikeDETROIT -- Bankrupt auto supplier Delphi Corp. will close or sell 21 of its 29 U.S. factories and cut 8,500 white-collar employees as (...)
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