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USA: "2013 Dykema Automotive Institute Survey: Industry Challenges" report

USA: "2013 Dykema Automotive Institute Survey: Industry Challenges" report. 14-page report by DYKEMA.

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May,  2006

Ford eyes U.S. for low-cost plant
Automaker says cost, not geography will decide where new factory will be locatedNow that Ford Motor Co. has announced its promised second round of plant closings, attention has turned to the company's plan to build a new, low-cost manufactu (...)
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State & Local Incentives
In our discussions with public officials over the years, the question often arises as to the real impact that incentives have upon site selection decision-making. The question is most often phrased as, Is an economic incentives package really (...)
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Reward Practices Becoming More Critical to Attract Workers in Tight Job Market
With labor markets continuing to tighten in an expanding economy, many employers are finding it harder to attract skilled people to fill key positions. And it's going to get harder. Over the next several years, as the economy continues to g (...)
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Auto sector woes weigh heavy on Ontario export growth in 2006
Ontario's export growth is forecast to continue the flat trend of 2005 with a stagnant 1 per cent growth in 2006 (0.8 per cent in 2005), according to a provincial export outlook by Export Development Canada (EDC)."The auto sector accou (...)
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Foreign automakers are gaining on the domestics
Analyst sees GM, Ford shrinkingForeign companies could match Detroit automakers in U.S. auto sales within five years if current trends continue, industry experts said Wednesday at a conference sponsored by the Detroit branch of the (...)
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The automotive news isn't all bad
The U. S. automotive industry is going through a particularly rough patch right now, and the reasons often cited range from quality problems in American cars, to product-planning and marketing missteps, to burdensome wage, pension and health-care cos (...)
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Duty Drawback Customs Almost Secret Refund Program
Drawback, while not exactly 'secret', is neither well known nor well understood, even within the Customs brokerage community. While drawback was established in the First Continental Congress in 1789 as a method of increasing export and encouraging (...)
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10 Steps to help manufacturers prepare now as major 2007 HTS updates loom
Every five years, the World Customs Organization updates the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) nomenclature at the international (6-digit sub-heading) level. The HTS updates, effective January 1, 2007, are massive. The changes will likely revise your (...)
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A Look at the U.S. Healthcare System
The current U.S. healthcare system’s roots lie in a World War II-era policy accident. The war-induced labor shortage, coupled with wage controls that greatly distorted the labor market, forced employers to find other incentives to attract worker (...)
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It starts with the customer
But after that, for the auto industry supply chain, things get really hairyHow do consumers want to buy automobiles? Do they want to order the car of their dreams and then wait for it to be built? Or would they rather go to a deale (...)
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Visa Limits Fuel Frustration in Efforts to Fill High-skill Jobs
Observers say firms are being forced to drop key projects or offshore more work; a proposal to raise the cap on H-1B visas could provide reliefThe six recruiters who work at CS Solutions Inc., an IT services company based in Minneapolis, ca (...)
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U.S. tech companies cry out for foreign talent
Tighter U.S. immigration policy could have a major impact on the country’s ability to remain competitive, warn the heads of top tech companies. At the peak of the tech boom Silicon Valley executives successfully lobbied for an increase in the nu (...)
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Michigan Profile: Tooling Industry
IntroductionThe tooling industry is the foundation of the manufacturing economy.   Virtually all manufactured parts are formed with tools, dies or molds.  Thus, companies that produce them take on significance to the econ (...)
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The Office Space Revival
Vacancies are down, rents are up. How can your company buck the trend and save money?After a downslide in the early part of this decade, office rental rates are on their way up in many major markets nationwide. The nationwide average vacanc (...)
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Michigan future now more tied to autos
Plant closures outside the region concentrate production in the state, for better or worse.Now that Detroit's largest automakers are retrenching their U.S. manufacturing operations to the Midwest, Michigan will bear an even greater share of (...)
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Study highlights Canada as the lowest-cost country among the G7
Singapore is the most cost-competitive place to do business among nine industrialized countries, according to the 2006 edition of KPMG LLP’s biannual study Competitive Alternatives. Canada ranks second overall, retaining its previous position as (...)
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Alabama, a state on the march
More good economic news may mean things have really changedAlabama's economy grows stronger every day. The fact is reflected in economic activity, increased tax collections and, again, by strikingly low unemployment rates.Is (...)
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