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USA: "Automotive companies: capitalizing on the recovery?" Capital Confidence Barometer

USA: "Automotive companies: capitalizing on the recovery?" Capital Confidence Barometer. 6-page report by Ernst & Young.

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September,  2006

North America: Utilizing M&A to Restructure the Supply Sector
A confluence of factors has conjured a perfect storm within the auto sector that has left many suppliers with a clearly unsustainable business model.  The financial distress of these suppliers has catalyzed the rationalization and restruct (...)
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The Best (U.S.) States For Business
Over the past ten years, the United States has seen corporations move job after job overseas in search of cheaper labor. An equally large problem has been the corporate tax rate. Five years ago, the U.S. corporate tax rate of 39% was the sixth hig (...)
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Foreign brands outsell domestics for first time
In another unhappy milestone for the U.S. domestic auto industry, foreign-based auto brands have upstaged traditional domestic brands in U.S. retail sales, according to the latest vehicle registration data from R.L. Polk & Co.Toyota's U (...)
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Health Plan Costs Out of Control?
Despite the expected jump in the cost of health plans, one forecast says increases will be less than the spikes of the past few years.The cost of health insurance plans is on the rise again, but the price increases for 2007 are forecast to (...)
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Canada: Auto Sector Still has Underlying Strength
Motor vehicles and parts mean employment for more than 170,000 people in Canada, and many more depend indirectly on the sector for their jobs. Vehicles and parts exports amount to nearly $90 billion per year, which is close to 20% of total exports (...)
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More Vacation Time to be Left on the Table in '06
Employees in the United States may value vacations in theory—planning for them, negotiating for extra days when they’re hired—but in actual practice do the unthinkable: They forfeit paid time off.Workers here already earn shorter vaca (...)
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Manufacturing execs less confident on economy – poll
U.S. manufacturing executives have become somewhat less confident about the domestic and world economies, as high energy prices and rising interest rates take a toll on business, according to a study released on Thursday.But despite their c (...)
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Companies try to help workers sleep more
Shannon Hill is feeling a bit sleep deprived these days. The 30-year-old publicist is restoring her first home, and that means she is up until 1 a.m. and wakes at 6:15 a.m. for work. One day, on her lunch break, she was so tired she sought out a c (...)
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Deciding Between Hotels and Corporate Housing
Variety is hard to complain about, but it can get downright confounding to decide which of the myriad temporary housing choices will go best with an assignee’s specific set of circumstances. Examining convenience, cost-effectiveness, and comfort (...)
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FDIC: Auto industry continues to drive Alabama employment growth
The state's growing auto industry has helped pull Alabama out of a five-year pattern of meager job growth, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s latest quarterly economic report for the state.Between 2001 and 2005, jobs in the (...)
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Pension Protection Act of 2006
More than a year after pension reform legislation was initially introduced, Congress has finally passed The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (H.R. 4), which is expected to be signed by President Bush. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate (...)
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Detroit: Industrial Market Loses Traction
Executive Summary:The Metro Detroit industrial market lost ground during the second quarter amidst concerns that cost cutting by General Motors and Ford Motor Company would mean a supply increase in the industrial (...)
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U.S. Employment Growth Steady in August
The August employment report showed job creation of 128,000, much in line with recent months. Wage inflation was softer. We expect the Fed to extend its interest-rate pause on September 20, but we cannot yet declare that it has done hiking rates f (...)
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August 2006 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® PMI at 54.5%
Economic activity in the manufacturing sector grew in August for the 39th consecutive month, while the overall economy grew for the 58th consecutive month, say the nation's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®. (...)
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Confusion, Frustration with U.S. Export Licensing: Policy Hurts American Shippers
There are many instances of American technology initially developed for military purposes eventually finding many important uses in the commercial world.The problem for manufacturers and shippers of these technologies, however, is the extre (...)
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Companies explore overseas healthcare
To cut its insurance costs, a US papermaker plans to let workers seek medical care abroad in 2007.Carl Garrett, a paper-mill technician in Leicester, N.C., is scheduled to travel Sept. 2 to New Delhi, where he will undergo two operations. T (...)
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Canadians Satisfied With Their Employers
Findings from a new survey suggest 89% of employed Canadians are satisfied with their employer.The survey, conducted by Decima Research and commissioned by Kronos Inc., also found notable differences in reasons for satisfaction between gend (...)
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Leadership: courageous CEOs oust celebrities
Key assumptions defined by management guru Jack Welch are giving way to new rules for business, reports Betsy Morris in Fortune magazine. Volatile markets and competition from China and India represent a growing challenge for U.S. corporate leader (...)
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Americans and Germans: “Do What It Takes” vs. “Make No Mistakes”
How cultural differences between Germans and Americans affect the decision making and problem solving process in engineering and project development – two strategic functions for global success. Why aren't they moving forward?” and How (...)
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