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China Alliance

China Practice

The China Alliance is a unique arrangement established by four leading independent law firms in response to the increasing importance of China to the global marketplace and to North American businesses. The four law firms, Armstrong Teasdale LLP, Butzel Long, and Michael Best & Friedrich LLP of the U.S., and Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP of Canada, have agreed to collaborate in the development of their respective China practices, thereby enhancing their ability to serve the needs of clients in the rapidly developing China market. Office facilities in Shanghai and Beijing offer clients on-the-ground capabilities in China's primary business and regulatory centers.

Lawyers from China Alliance member firms provide advice and counselling to businesses with interests and operations in the Chinese market. Through this operating arrangement, member firms offer companies and other interested organizations significant depth and a broad range of relevant China and Asia experience, with access to the skills and capabilities of 1,300 lawyers.

China Alliance member lawyers are actively involved in the Chinese business community and are familiar with local business practice. In addition, they maintain close relationships at all levels of the Chinese government. With the ability to conduct business in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, their experience provides clients with pertinent professional advice, access to key decision makers, and a pragmatic approach specifically tailored to the Chinese business environment.

The structure of the China Alliance provides clients with a significant depth of resources, in-country capabilities and a cost effective approach for representation on critical business and strategic issues in China and throughout Asia. Whether the issue is local or multi-jurisdictional, practice area or industry specific, lawyers from China Alliance member firms provide relevant advice and timely solutions to business issues at every level.

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China Offices


China Alliance Firms

Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Founded in 1901, Armstrong Teasdale LLP is backed by a century of history and experience. The firm conducts a comprehensive nationwide civil law practice, with 218 lawyers in nine locations, including St. Louis, Kansas City, and Jefferson City, Missouri; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Belleville, Illinois; Olathe, Kansas; Shanghai, China; and Sydney, Australia. Armstrong Teasdale has a diversified practice and is a leader among corporate, transactional and litigation law firms. We represent a variety of business, financial, institutional and individual clients in a full range of legal matters.

The firm established a presence in China in 1994 and in June of 2000, was awarded by the PRC Ministry of Justice, a license to open a foreign law office in Shanghai. Armstrong Teasdale is one of a few select American law firms which has been granted permission to practice law in China. International clients include governments and agencies, private investors, and a wide array of business enterprises engaged in international business operations.

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP is one of Canada's leading law firms. In recent years, Blakes has responded to the needs of its national and international clientele by expanding the firm's original Toronto base. Today, Blakes has more than 500 lawyers in five offices across Canada, an office in London, England and Beijing, China. The firm's goal is to "partner" with its clients on all of the legal services they require, enabling the firm to build strong relationships and better help clients reach their goals in the face of the marketplace's uncertainties and complexities.

Blakes Beijing assists a broad range of Canadian and international clients doing business in China and Asia. The Bejing office serves the needs of North American clients who are increasingly recognizing the importance of the region in the global marketplace. The firm's China Practice Group consists of lawyers in both China and Canada who are well equipped to advise clients on legal issues affecting foreign businesses in China.

Butzel Long
Butzel Long is one of Michigan's leading law firms, with over 200 lawyers and eight offices in Michigan and Florida. Since its founding in 1854, the law firm has played a prominent role in the development of Detroit as an industrial and manufacturing center. The firm's historic role in the development of the automotive industry is reflected today by its representation of over a third of the world's largest suppliers and manufacturers.

Butzel Long's clients include a wide range of business, government, education and individual interests, many of whom are active in national and international markets. The firm represents entities from many business sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, banking and financial services, retail and wholesale distribution, insurance, professional services, health care, advertising, media, publishing, technology and computers, marine, transportation, construction, utilities and real estate. Butzel Long has maintained an active China practice for several years with a special emphasis on the automotive, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Founded in 1848, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP comprises more than 350 attorneys in six locations, including Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha and Manitowoc, Wisconsin; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania; and Chicago, Illinois (Michael Best & Friedrich LLC). The firm provides a full range of legal services to clients on a regional, national and international basis in areas that include: business, corporate finance/securities, employment relations/ERISA, environmental, estate and financial planning, intellectual property, international, litigation, real estate and taxation. The firm also has several focused industry practice groups, including agribusiness, communications, construction, education, electronic commerce, government & public policy, health care, local government, financial institutions, retail/distribution, product liability and trade associations.

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